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Tuesday Feb 21, 2017

Budget Templates


The Best Budget Templates for Canadian Consumers

Budget Templates for Canadians. Made for Canadians.

In order to understand your finances correctly. It is highly suggested you use one of the many spreadsheets we have below. We have personally looked at each spreadsheet and only selected the best spreadsheets. It is important to remember that none of these spreadsheets are perfect. They are pretty close but not. Add your own expenses and customize these spreadsheets further to suit you and your household.

Personal Budget 300x224 Budget TemplatesPersonal Budget Spreadsheet

Creator: Give Me Back My Give Five Bucks
Download: Excel

A very useful personal budget spreadsheet that has a new sheet for each month. For expenses it breaks it down into 3 main columns (budget, actual and left over). With the way the template is set up for you, you can easily create friendly looking graphs for those family ‘meetings’.

jMoney Budget TemplatesFinancial Snapshot & Budget

Creator: Budgets Are Sexy
Download: Excel | Google Doc

This spreadsheet provides you with a great snapshot of your financial worth. It shows you what your Net Worth is, breaks it down into separate budgets, savings funds, credit cards and much more. The funny part about this spreadsheet is that it contains a ‘sexy income’. Sexy income just means your income, which to be honest is pretty sexy.

Jim Yih Budget TemplatesBudgeting and Cashflow Spreadsheet

Creator: Jim Yih
Download: Excel

My twitter friend Jim, tweeted me this awesome spreadsheet. It isn’t a ‘pretty’ one but the formula’s that are in this are amazing. This is one of my favourite spreadsheets because of the work ‘behind the scenes’. Jim’s spreadsheet includes percentages for your cashflow, just a little bit more value that this spreadsheet provides.

budget template Comsumerist Budget TemplatesEasy to Use Budget Spreadsheet

Creator: Consumerist
Download: Excel

Consumerist came out with an updated version of their budget spreadsheet. This budget spreadsheet is very basic, it allows you to track your cash flow (very important) and allows you to plan for upcoming purchases/bills. Consumerist provides a very breakdown on how to use the budget. You can find the instructions over here.

Budget Personal Template Budget TemplatesPersonal Budget Spreadsheet

Creator: Transformational Leadership HQ
Download: Excel

Personal Budget Spreadsheet is designed for just your personal budgeting. It contains several items already under expenses, these include: Food, Transportation, Health Care, Personal, School, Utilities, Entertainment and several more expenses.




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