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Who Are We? is dedicated to providing breaking news on the Canadian Banking Industry and also providing the Canadian population with current banking trends, bank account information, credit card deals and essential information for consumers. was born out of the pursuit of expanding consumers knowledge on the banking Industry by providing consumers with an online venue to see the inner workings of the banking industry. is a daily publication, publishing from a range of one to four articles a day. Our website objectives are simple, provide unbiased, critical, and transparent information on the financial industry.


karate kid 150x150 AboutSensei

My favorite weapon of choice is the samurai sword. I use it to cut my chicken during dinner, cut my hair and periodically carve my name into stone when I am tired. I love meditating on top of a 15ft high pole and eating those sushi’s with smoked salmon on top. I love everything there is about Canada and everything financially related to Canadians. I write daily posts from Canadian Banks to Credit Card information.

204563 statues of rome 5 150x150 AboutBank Guru

My real name is Banking “Guru” Smith, yes my parents were bankers and believed that I one day would become a famous banker just like them. I enjoy a double-double coffee, super long lines at the grocery store and annoying CSR’s (Customer Service Representatives or more commonly known as ‘Tellers’). You will usually find me working behind the scenes, I let Sensei generate all the attention. I also forgot to mention that I invested in Madoff, think I will ever get my money back?

Guest Authors

The bloggers below are part of our Guest Authorship program. They are all great writers and we highly recommend that you read there posts.

Avrom AboutDividend Ninja

Dividend Ninja is a DIY (Do It Yourself) investor, who started blogging in 2010 about his journey into dividend stocks. After investing in mutual funds for years, and working with a second advisor in 2009, he realized it all came down to fees and commissions. Like most people, the market crash of 2008 and 2009 changed his views about investing and the financial industry. You can learn more about his thoughts on dividend stocks and index investing at the Dividend Ninja.

mc logo square1 About Money Crashers

Money Crashers Personal Finance is one of the top personal finance blogs that provides valuable information and insights on a variety of important financial, business, and consumer-based topics. The site strives to provide free content in areas like up-and-coming side business ideas, how to save money with energy-efficient practices, the best cash back credit cards in the US, and extreme couponing. The site strives to foster an awesome community of like-minded individuals looking to improve their finances!

logo AboutPrairie EcoThrifter

Prairie Eco-Thrifter does not want to have any regrets in life. Life is a privilege and her aim is to enjoy it as much as possible. Therefore, good money habits, staying healthy, and keeping the planet she lives on alive is critical to her (and you) enjoying a long, prosperous, and amazing life. She likes to try different methods and techniques when it comes to cooking, fitness, shopping, building wealth, travelling, and being frugal and she shares these on her blog.

Ashley Barnett AboutAshley Barnett

A financial coach and personal finance author. She writes at Money Talks Coaching as well as other personal finace sites. You can follow her on Twitter and Facebook.



Thomas V AboutThomas Jensen

Thomas Jensen, owner and managing partner of Vaerdi Financial LLC, grew up in Denmark. He and his wife now live in Portland, OR, with a daughter, a cat and a few ornery chickens that ensure he rises early. Thomas holds a Master of Science degree in Economic Development from University of London and is a graduate of the Certified Financial Planner training program at the University of Portland. Follow me on Facebook and Twitter!

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