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Thursday Feb 23, 2017

RBC Launches RBC Shoppers Optimum MasterCard

7 September 2012

A couple of months ago we wrote about the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) and Shoppers Drug Mart coming together and creating an all new chequing account – the RBC Shoppers Optimum Banking Account.

As many people imagined, this partnership would eventually lead to a brand new credit card, and it did!

The new credit card that has been launched is none other than the RBC Shoppers Optimum MasterCard. This is a no-fee credit card that is coupled with increased Shoppers Optimum Points earning potential.

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What rewards do you get with the RBC Shoppers Optimum MasterCard?

The RBC Shoppers Optimum MasterCard as you may have already figured, lets you earn Shoppers Optimum points.

The reward system is as follows:

RBC Shoppers Optimum MasterCard
Welcome bonus15,000 Shoppers Optimum
Points with first purchase
Rewards on purchases at
Shoppers Drug Mart
15 Shoppers Optimum Points for every $1 spent,
plus "double dip" with 10 additional points when
presenting the Shoppers Optimum Card on eligible
Rewards on purchases outside Shoppers Drug Mart 5 Shoppers Optimum Points for every $1 spent

Ultimately, with this new credit card at your disposal you are able to earn a lot more Shoppers Optimum points than ever before. In fact you are earning 5 times the amount of points on purchases outside of Shoppers Drug Mart compared to using RBC’s Shoppers Optimum Banking Account.

Are there any additional benefits to the RBC Shoppers Optimum MasterCard?

When you present your Shoppers Optimum Card when making a purchase at a Shoppers Drug Mart you are able to earn an additional 10 Shoppers Optimum Points.

Other benefits include:

  • Purchase Security and Extended Warranty Insurance
  • Chip and Pin technology
  • Zero Liability
  • Emergency Card replacement

These are basic but important features that all credit cards should have – I am glad that the RBC Shoppers Optimum MasterCard is no exception.

In the end, this credit card is ideal for someone looking to maximize their earning potential on Shoppers Optimum Points. The best part about this in my opinion is that it can be done all at $0 (no annual fee). If you always wanted to collect this type of rewards, but did not want to pay a fee (like with the RBC Shoppers Optimum Banking Account) then your solution is definitely here!

What do you think of the RBC Shoppers Optimum MasterCard?



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