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Thursday Feb 23, 2017

ING Direct Canada Doubles Orange Key Promotion!

5 July 2012

While on Facebook this morning, I came across an announcement that ING Direct Canada made – this announcement was to let everyone know that it is the “Summer of Sharing”.

ING will now be offering for a limited time the opportunity for people to earn double the bonus amount when they share their Orange Key with a friend.

That said, the new bonus will now be $50, instead of the regular $25.

What does this mean for me?

If you recall how the ING Direct Orange Key promotion works, when your friend signs up using your code you earn a bonus of $25 each time. The one clause was that they need to deposit at least $100, which isn’t something I see people forgetting to do simply because they earn money out of it themselves.

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Now the best part of this promotion they are running is that the normal referral bonus double – that means instead of earning $2,000 for referring 50 people, you get $4,000!

You have to keep in mind, this double up event will only last until August 31st! Be sure to get in your referrals before then!

How do I earn $4,000?

Like I mentioned above, you need to have people use your Orange Key when they sign up with ING Direct, and deposit at least $100. With that said, you will need 50 friends or family to sign up with ING Direct in order for you to earn $2000.

Here is the rundown of how this referral program works:

# of People ReferredReferral Bonus
Total Earned$2,500$1,500

As you can see, with every 10 successful referrals, you earn an additional bonus which increases as you make your way to 50 referrals.

ING Direct has proven itself time and time again why it is a great choice to be with, ultimately the way I see it is that the THRiVE Chequing account is a no-fee chequing account, and the amount of time it takes to set it up is minimal. You stand to earn money, and once you get some friends to sign up, you earn more money! ☺

What do you think of ING’s latest promotion?


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Comments (45 )

av Wrote:

I assume you mean ING “will now be offering…” rather than “will not be offering…”

Great tip; thanks!

Bob Wrote:

I think you meant “now” in the 2nd paragraph “ING will not be offering for a limited time the opportunity”

Alex Wrote:

Here is an orange key for those looking to take advantage of this promo: 35073476S1

Jennifer Wrote:

Here is an active Orange Key to use when you sign up for ING Direct to get your $50 free:


Yatti420 Wrote:

I got an orange key :)

orgkey50 Wrote:

Receive a $50 signup bonus with ING DIRECT when you use my orange key (valid until August 31, 2012).

orange key: 39376876S1

David Wrote:

This Double Bonus Orange Key is working & active as of July 2012:



Sensei Wrote:

Thanks for pointing that out! Let that one slip by accidentally!

Sensei Wrote:

That’s exactly what I meant, thanks for pointing it out! :)

Raphael Wrote:

ING Direct Canada: Earn $50 bonus when Opening an ING Direct Account with $100 or more! Offer ends on August 31st 2012. Go to to apply and use the key: 20188725S1

Eric Wrote:

This is an active Orange key if you want $50 bonus until August 31/12. Just open an account with ING for $100 or more with a cheque payable to yourself and enter Orange key # 34967592S1.

Dennis Ogle Wrote:

Here is my orange key : 30828789S1 You must open an account-maybe a Tax Free Savings Account to start an emergency fund for $100 plus to qualify for the $50.00 bonus. That way, I’ll also get the $50.00 bonus.

LittleMissMuffet Wrote:

Here is a valid Orange Key: 32981155S1
Use when opening an account with an initial deposit of $100, and receive the DOUBLE bonus of $50! Easiest way to make $50 EVER! The offer will expire August 31, 2012.

I have been pleasantly surprised with ING Direct — and I am super picky with banks.

DSB Wrote:

Here’s an active orange key to get $50:


Thanks and happy savings!

By the way here is my Orange Key, it is valid and untapped!: 36098341S1

Elsie Wrote:

valid orange key to OPEN account , it’s simple & easy to open the account & there are no fees or minimum balances.

Orange key : 39628730S1

Kevin Wrote:

Here is a valid orange key. You can use this to open an account and earn a $50 Bonus!

Orange Key: 17467390S1

Jamie Wrote:

No article on ing direct Canada being sold?

Rushing Wrote:

Here is my orange key. Please use it! It hasnt been used at all yet! 39578078S1

Neil Wrote:

Here is an up to date Orange key! Validated August 13th. Please use!


Chris Cooper Wrote:

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Fiona Wrote:

Here is an orange key if anybody needs one :) – 39747524S1

Serena Wrote:

Here’s a brand new orange key


Happy saving :)

Orange Key Wrote:

Just signed up and enjoying the freebie! Thanks

Penn Wrote:

Here’s a valid Orange Key.


And remember, if you open an account with a minimum of 100$, you’ll get the 50$ bonus (which will go back to 25$ on September 1st), so get the deal ASAP.:D

Sarah Wrote:

Hey all,

Here is a valid key as of Sept.14th, 2012.

Thanks to all that use it :)


Ally Wrote:

Band New Valid Sept 25th 39858359S1

rob Wrote:

i am looking for orange key, i have opened account already and got offer of DOUBLE bonus of $50! If you let me use your key and send me 25 via Paypal after you get $50.

rob Wrote:

i am looking for orange key, i have opened account already and got offer of DOUBLE bonus of $50! If you let me use your key and send me 25 via Paypal after you get $50.

Alexa Wrote:

Hi! I’m an ING DIRECT Canada Saver. Use my Orange Key 39774969S1 to open an Account with $100 and get a $25 bonus.Learn more @ here is my new valid orange key! :)


Ash-Lee Wrote:

Mine is still active, here you go :)


Amy Wrote:

There is a new holiday bonus from now to December 31 – earn $50 instead of $25!!

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Stella Wrote:

Here’s a new orange key 34001353S1

Now you can get a bonus $50 till Dec 31, 2012 when you open a new account! After Dec 31, it will be $25 bonus.


Judy Wrote:

Yours for the taking, one completely valid orange key code:


Here’s how you do:

Go to, open a handy dandy savings account with an initial minimum deposit of $100, enter my Orange Key code (there’ll be a spot to type it in, don’t you worry) and get yourself an extra $50! Who doesn’t love free money?!

So, how about you do your future self a favour and start saving.

Here’s my key code again for ease of use: 35230095S1

Vincent Wrote:

Here’s a working Referral Orange Key 39021172S1 that can be used until December 31 2012 to receive a $50 bonus promotion (After Dec 31 the bonus is $25).

ING Direct has opened up the promotion for the Holiday Season, just use the Referral Orange Key 39021172S1.

Offer expires December 31 2012
Must be opened with $100 deposit

Happy Holidays :)

Taoism Wrote:

Here is a valid ING Orange Key you can use : 17304256S1

Tails Wrote:

Orange key : 17304256S1

Vincent Wrote:

Use this valid and working Orange Key to take advantage of the Double Bonus Promotion while it’s still available.


Right now until December 31 2012 open a new ING Direct Account with the Referral Orange Key 39021172S1 and receive a $50 Bonus.

Accounts must opened with $100 deposit
Offer expires December 31 2012

Go to ING Direct Canada and click on “Sign Me Up!”

(Money can even be withdrawn immediately)
Contact ING Direct Customer Service if you have any questions 1-888-464-3232

Happy Holidays :)

Don’t forget to use the Orange Key 39021172S1 to receive the $50 bonus.



From now until December 31 2012, if you open an account with ING Direct and use an orange key, the referrer and the referred, will both earn $50!

After opening an account(chequing and/or savings), you’ll earn the $50…it’s that simple.

Here’s a verified ING Orange Key referral code: 17304256S1

(Yes, you can even withdraw your money and the bonus after the initial deposit)

You can ask any question concerning ING Direct in this thread or contact customer service at 1-888-464-3232

Just don’t forget to apply this Orange Key code: 17304256S1


Orange Key Code still active: 17304256S1

Katie Wrote:

Shiny new Orange Key: 35355532S1

Double-bonus until December 31 – $50 sign-up bonus for new customers when you sign up using an Orange Key and deposit $100 into your new account.

Penn Wrote:


Give it a go folks, you won’t regret switching to ING Direct! Don’t forget to make a deposit of at least 100$!

Clay Wrote:

Here is my working orange key to get the $50 referral bonus before the end of 2012…..17465528S1

Clay Wrote:

Get your $25 bonus today with this up-to-date orange key:


Clay Wrote:

To get your free $50 bonus with Tangerine Canada (formerly ING Canada) use this up-to-date orange key 17465528S1 when you open a new account there. Go to this link and use my orange key This deal is good until July 31st, 2014 so hurry up and open an account there folks..

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