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Sunday Feb 26, 2017

CIBC Launches New Mobile Alerts

28 June 2012

Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC) has recently announced its new text message (SMS) customer Alerts. This enhanced service solidifies their leadership in the mobile financial services.

These new alerts will bring important information to clients conveniently to their mobile devices; the alerts can also come through their email or in online banking.

What do the new Alerts include?

The new alerts CIBC has launched will range from reminding clients about a upcoming credit card payment to a future dated bills or transfers. This way you are able to stay on top of any future bills, allowing yourself to ensure you have the necessary funds to pay your bills.

Here is what CIBC clients will be able to sign up for; keep I mind these Alerts can come in the form of an e-mail, online or text message:

  • Upcoming payments and transfers, which includes:
    • When a future date bill transfers or bill payments go through
    • With this notification, you will know if you need to add any funds into your account, thus avoiding any late payment fees and charges.
  • Tracking spending limits and other financial changes, such as:
    • When clients attempt to go pass the daily limits set for their ABM withdrawals and any purchases
    • The funds held on deposits will become available
  • Credit Card information, such as:
    • When your minimum payment is due
    • When you can expect your monthly statement to be available online
    • When any customized budgets are exceeded
  • Fraud prevention, by:
    • Notifying the client of any information changes, such as a PIN number, new bill payee is added, etc
    • Reporting when a credit report has changed
    • Reporting any potential fraudulent activity on your debit and credit card


There are a lot more alerts available, you can view them once you sign on to CIBC online banking.

These are pretty good for what they are. The alerts are far more comprehensive, but ultimately, you should still keep an eye out on your account regardless of the amount of alerts you have on your account.

What do you think of the new CIBC Alerts?



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Lincoln Wrote:

They send monthly reminder alerts at f**ing 6:15 AM! For what purpose? Just to annoy clients?

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