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Thursday Feb 23, 2017

RBC Poll: What Canadians would gives up instead of a Mobile Device

21 April 2012

Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) has completed a recent poll which revealed that 53% of Canadians would rather give up a lot of things than part with their mobile devices for 24 hours.

Personally, when I do not have my mobile device on me, I do feel like I am missing something, and am somewhat naked, but I do manage. That said, there are not that many times I am without my mobile device.

According to the poll, Canadians would rather give up:

  • TV (19%)
  • Coffee/ Tea (19%)
  • Internet (19%)
  • Car (5%)
  • Food/ Sleep (3%)
  • Time with friends and family (2%)

I am definitely in the bracket for giving up TV and Coffee/ Tea ; I would give those up any day instead of my mobile device.

Sharad Ojha, head, Mobile Channel Strategy RBC explained that mobile technology is growing and evolving at a rapid pace, and the fact is we all love the convenience of being able to stay connected with everyone on the go.

What were the other findings in the poll?

The poll also revealed that men and women think the same when it comes to giving up their mobile device for a day. Both males and females explained that they would give up coffee/ teat (12%) instead of their mobile device. TV was ranked 12% for males and 13% for females.

The poll also asked questions related to RBC’s mobile app, asking what clients use the app for. The majority (52%) stated that use it/would use it for day to day banking activities while only 7% explained they would review their budget and see how they are doing.

Personally if more people increased checking their budget, a lot of people probably be in a better financial position, but that is just one man’s thought.

What would you rather give up than your mobile phone?


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David Symonds Wrote:

I was a little bit confused as to why the Royal Bank of Canada would undertake such a poll until I read further down the article that they are probably researching whether Canadians would bank via their mobile device. I’m not sure how this will take off. Surely there will be security concerns?

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