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Why Canada Is Number 1 [Infographic]

18 April 2012

BuzzBuzzHome has done it again, they have created another great infographic, and you know what I think they may have a harder time topping this one on their 6th infographic.

The infographic is on why Canada is the best place on earth. I particularly enjoy the hash tag they have started to use for this infographic “#CanadaKicks*ss” (the * is actually an “A” but I want to keep this a g-rated post ☺)

I also enjoyed the information on Canada’s banking, it made me proud to see the facts proving we have a sound system.

Without any further delay, here is the infographic:

CanadaKicksAssInfographic Why Canada Is Number 1 [Infographic]BuzzBuzzHome: The most complete listing of new construction homes.


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TripDiscounts Wrote:

That’s a nice infographic. I don’t think I agree that house prices will be up 2.8% across the country though…I suppose it is an average …NS will be higher as they are gearing up for a big ship building contract in Halifax.

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