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Thursday Feb 23, 2017

Canada to launch Glow in the Dark Quarter

14 April 2012

As you may know, we are getting rid of the pennies. The reason for this is that the government has realized it makes no sense to actually keep it. The fact is, it costs more than the penny is even worth to product.

Now I am all for removing it, however not a fan of what will happen to cash transactions now that the penny obsolete, but that is a discussion for a different day.

Now I came across an article the Time, which announced that Canada will be launching a brand new quarter which will be release this coming week.

What does the new quarter offer?

This will sound strange (it did to me) but Canada will be launching a quarter that will glow in the dark. It is not a joke; in a few days you will see a glow in the dark quarter be launched.

On April 16th, Canada will introduce a quarter which will have an image of a pachyronosuras lakustai. The remains were found in Alberta in 1974; it was the first new species of dinosaurs to be discovered in Alberta.

Now the glow in the dark quarter will in fact never wear out, and of course in the day time the quarter will appear as normal (well with a dinosaur on it). It is part of a series called “Prehistoric Creatures”. There will be three more coins launched in this series.

Aside from the fact that it is glow in the dark, what may shock you is the cost of the actual quarter. The cost for this quarter is $29.95.

It was explained that these coins are expected to generate revenue and reduce the deficit but I am a bit confused as to how many people will actually want a glow in the dark coin.

Personally, I find it a bit odd that they would launch such a quarter, but if it works, kudos to them. If you are interested in finding out where to purchase the brand new Glow in the Dark quarter, check out the Canadian Mint!

What do you think of the glow in the dark quarter? Would you buy one?

image source: Gamma Man

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Comments (11 )

Yatti420 Wrote:

I’m assuming these aren’t for circulation and are apart of special series the mint offers for purchase at a premium?

Miiockm Wrote:

Nothing will happen to pricing when we remove the penny.

Hmmm, wish glow in the dark quarters would solve all of the problems we have here south of the border.
Interesting concept, and it just might work because it is different. The state quarters here in the States cause a big craze, so why not?

I feel like a bad Canadian because I had no idea we were getting a glow in the dark quarter – what’s the point?! lol! Oh, Canada, you weird country you.

Sensei Wrote:

My thoughts exactly, what can a glow in the dark quarter do for anyone?? Gotta love our country though :)

Sensei Wrote:

I don’t see people going too crazy for it, the price tag is pretty high – $29.95 for a quarter. Yes it can glow in the dark, but is that really worth all of that?

Sensei Wrote:

Yessir, it will cost $29.95.

Sensei Wrote:

Sorry, what I meant to say was that everything would be rounded up to the nearest nickel, however that only affects cash transactions from what I have read.

TripDiscounts Wrote:

Hmm…I definitely don’t see this glow-in-the-dark quarter taking a dent out of the deficit…but I must admit, it does sound pretty cool :) I think the Mint should just smear glow-in-the-dark paint on regular quarters in circulation and then try to sell them as “special” for $29.95 …that would be more economical…

traderpaul Wrote:

Don’t be taken by anti-business fearmongering.
Businesses will be rounding down not up. Walmart, Zellers, etc all have a reputation for lower prices. For example on a transaction totalling $19.98 you think they will not round down to $19.95? Do you really think any major retailer will risk their reputation for the sake of a couple of pennies on a transaction?

Jason Wrote:

From what I’ve read in regards to rounding up or down, both will actually happen. It all depends on the amount, and this is only applicable for cash transactions.
Everything will be rounded to the closest 5-similar to the European model.

EX: $1.91 or $1.92 will be rounded DOWN to $1.90
$1.93 or 1.94 will be rounded UP to $1.95

Again, this is only for cash transactions. Debit and credit will not see this change.

I don’t have the exact link, but my example was taken from a diagram either on a website for the CRA or Service Canada. Not too sure which one it was, but I can assure you of its legitimacy.

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