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Sunday Feb 26, 2017

Start Saving Money on Groceries

22 March 2012

Guest post by Steven Zussino, President of, Canada’s Source for Grocery Deals, canadian coupons,and printable coupons. They match coupons with the latest grocery flyer specials.

Saving money on groceries is important for all Canadians. Your grocery budget is one of the highest variable costs in your monthly budget. My family has saved over $3,100 using coupons since June 2010. It may not sound like a lot of money but this is money saved after taxes that we can use to put towards our TFSA or RRSP savings accounts.

Coupons are great because it helps you extend your after-tax income. With a marginal rate of close to 30% in my province, I would have had to earn an additional $4000 to match the return using coupons gives.

How can I get started?

If you’re totally new to the world of coupons and saving money on groceries, then your best place to start would be with our getting started page. It explains how couponing works in Canada, easy tricks to use and where to request coupons for free by mail.

Another great resource is the free guide on where to find coupons that shows all the places to find coupons.

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Debunking some popular coupon myths

Most people I talk with about coupons tell me so many reasons why they don’t use coupons. I wanted to address some of the main problems why people don’t use coupons.

Clipping coupons takes too much time. 

If you subscribe to the coupon newsletter, you will receive all the latest coupons to your email and join over 20,000 Canadians that receive the coupon updates.

Once you get started with our newsletter, you simply request coupons from certain websites, print them online, or request from the manufacturer directly.  Once you have collected a few coupons you can easily start to save 15 to 25 percent on your grocery bill and work up from there.

I will have to buy newspapers to get coupons. 

You would not believe the sources available for coupons. Sources include: printable coupons, direct from the manufacturer, and online websites where you can request from your favorite brands.

You will never find coupons for health foods.

This is absolutely not true! We have redeemed coupons recently for pomegranates, organic meat, frozen vegetables, bananas, yogurt, and even multi-vitamins.


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Bank Guru

My real name is Banking “Guru” Smith, yes my parents were bankers and believed that I one day would become a famous banker just like them. I enjoy a double-double coffee, super long lines at the grocery store and annoying CSR’s (Customer Service Representatives or more commonly known as ‘Tellers’). You will usually find me working behind the scenes, I let Sensei generate all the attention. I also forgot to mention that I invested in Madoff, think I will ever get my money back?

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The reason why people do not use coupons is indolence. They want everything to be instant – that may include their coupons. I read a blog post wherein the author suggested that one can make some modest money from collecting coupons and selling it to people via eBay. I thought it was a ludicrous idea because I certainly would not pay for something I can do myself. But then again, I think there maybe people who would just for over some money for it.

Sensei Wrote:

Never heard of anyone selling coupons on eBay but from what you’ve said make a lot of sense. I am sure there is an app for coupons or something that could help people make it instantaneous.

Frugal Fries Wrote:

I used to be HUGE into coupons, but I’ve actually found the price-matching is just as effective. You don’t need to waste gas driving around to get the deals, and it’s a lot easier to just browse through flyers and then get all your necessities for a few bucks cheaper.

Bonus points if you combine with coupons!

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