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Sunday Feb 26, 2017

Capital One’s Spin 2 Win can Lead you to the NCAA Championships

28 February 2012

As I was on Facebook yesterday, I saw on my news feed that people were entering a contest for Capital One. Needless to say, the name of the contest was intriguing, “Spin 2 Win”.

Truthfully, when I read Spin 2 Win, I assumed that it must have something to do with a slot machine. [Editor’s note: Don’t blame Sensei for his assumptions, I am sure a few people may have thought the same thing too.]



What is Spin to Win?

Spin 2 Win is not a slot machine game; it has to do with keeping a basketball spinning on your finger (in the game) for a period of time for the contest.

As you may be wondering, why is the game spinning a basketball?

Well as you basketball fans may be aware of, the NCAA Final Four is coming up in New Orleans. Capital One has created this contest to allow people to enter in a draw to find a trip for 4 to the 2012 NCAA Men’s Final Four in New Orleans.

The prize given to the winner is great; it includes the following:

  • Airfare and Accommodations for 4
    • Round trip flights for you and 3 friends
    • Four night stay at a premium New Orleans hotel
  • Tickets to 3 big games
    • Tickets for four to 2 semifinal games (March 31st)
    • Tickers for four to the championships (April 2nd)
  • The VIP Experience
    • Pre-game hospitality, food and entertainment
    • NCAA airport shuttle
    • $1,000 spending money

As you can see, the prize is definitely worth entering the contest.

How do I enter the contest?

Entering the contest is easy, in fact you have two options at your disposal. First head over the Capital One Spin 2 Win Page and click “Play Now”.

Screen shot 2012 02 27 at 10.46.35 AM Capital Ones Spin 2 Win can Lead you to the NCAA Championships

You can either skip the game and submit 1 ballot or you can play the game and work towards earning up to 15 ballots to be entered into the draw.

The choice is obvious here, play the game and earn as many ballots as you can.

Now I will honest here, I struggled playing the game at first (it could be because I chose not to read the instructions, but who knows ☺). After reading the instructions, the game became easier.

You just need to use the mouse (our keyboard) to move left an right, while ensuring the ball speed stays in the green. To keep the ball speed up you can either click the left mouse button or click the space bar.

After completely failing the first 3 games (instruction free of course) on my 5th game I ended up getting 9 ballots, my 8th game I got 14 ballots. The trick I found to it was you just need to keep the ball balance, so by moving the mouse left and right quick enough you will do so. Make sure the ball speed stays in the green and you are golden.

14 ballots Capital Ones Spin 2 Win can Lead you to the NCAA Championships

After a bit of practice you will get the hang of it and get 15 ballots to submit for the contest in no time.

The best part about this contest is that you can play the game and submit your new ballots as many times as you want. You just need to ensure you input your information whenever you submit your new amount of ballots.

Do you want to see the NCAA finals? Then do not waste any more time, head over and Spin 2 Win, the contest will be open until March 6th, 2012.

What do yo think of the Capital One Spin 2 Win Challenge?


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