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Thursday Feb 23, 2017

Canadian Tire Launches “Money” Advantage Program

23 February 2012

Last week I came across an article on Moneyville which announced that Canadian Tire has launched a loyalty card.

As you are probably aware of, Canadian Tire does have a loyalty program in place where you earn Canadian Tire money. The Canadian Tire money resembles real currency, in fact it is printed on paper similar to real Canadian currency. This money comes in the form of 5¢, 10¢, 25¢, 50¢, $1 and $2.

Canadian Tire money is given out for purchases that are paid by either cash or debit, based on the pre-tax total. It can be used to cover the sales tax on purchases and if you were to pay for an entire purchase using Canadian Tire money, you can still earn more back as it is seen as a cash purchase.

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That being said, Canadian Tire will be launching this new loyalty card in Nova Scotia; the new program is called the Canadian Tire “Money” Advantage program.

What is the Canadian Tire “Money” Advantage program?

The Canadian Tire “Money” Advantage program is being launched as a pilot program and will initially be made available in Nova Scotia. There are currently only 21 Canadian Tire stores and 8 gas bars.

As you can imagine, the Canadian Tire “Money” Advantage program allows consumers to earn Canadian Tire “Money” Advantage points electronically with a new loyalty card or key chain.

Customers who are not participating in this program can still collect Canadian Tire “Money” in paper form.

While designing this new program, it was found that consumers wanted a more convenient and electronic option to collect Canadian Tire Money. Other Canadians also want to continue collecting the iconic Canadian Tire Money as they have done for the past 54 years.

How does the the Canadian Tire “Money” Advantage program work?

Earning Canadian Tire “Money” Advantage points are like any other loyalty program, you collect points based on your purchases. In fact if you have a Canadian Tire Options MasterCard you can earn points outside of Canadian Tire by just using the credit card.

I have compiled a table on how you earn Canadian Tire “Money” Advantage points below:

Purchases made at Canadian Tire stores, no matter how you pay*1 point for every $1
Purchases made at Canadian Tire stores when using the Canadian Tire 'Money' Advantage card and paying with a Canadian Tire Options® Mastercard® 3 points for every $1
Points with a multiplier when you fill up at Canadian Tire gas bars Depends on the multiplier

You can also receive bonus points in store, in the flyer or sent directly to members.

When you are redeeming points you do so as if you were using Canadian Tire Money. For every $100 points, you can spend $1 at Canadian tire. Points have no expiry, and there is no minimum when you are looking to use what you have.

Should I use the the Canadian Tire “Money” Advantage program?

The way I see it, with this new program you can now earn Canadian tire Money (well points) anywhere.

If you are someone who frequently shops at Canadian Tire, then it makes sense to upgrade to this loyalty card; if you already have a Canadian Tire Options MasterCard, you can increase your collection even faster.

I like the new program, and also like that Canadian Tire does not want to trample on tradition, and keep the iconic money around. I do wonder how long they will keep it around; realistically I do not see this program failing, and it will only be a matter of time before people just want to collect using a card rather than money.

In the future I do see Canadian Tire adopting a mobile app for both collection and redemption. Similar to what Air Miles has created with their mobile app.

As I mentioned, this new program is currently only available in Nova Scotia. If you are interested in enrolling into it, visit money advantage and sign up or your nearest Canadian Tire store.

What do you think of Canadian Tire’s “Money” Advantage Program?

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