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Tuesday Feb 21, 2017

Introducing the Air Miles Check-in Challenge

21 February 2012

A few weeks ago I wrote about the Air Miles app; I covered what the app can do, and what I hope it could do in the near future.

The Air Miles app allows collectors with either Android or iPhone devices to get access to their Air Miles account on the go. They are given the ability to check their account balances, earn Air Miles and check in to locations.

Air Miles has recently updated their Air Miles app, making it even better than before.

What does this update consist of?

Air Miles has improved the browsing of the complete dream rewards catalogue and in- store bonus offers at sponsor locations based on your GPS. Another enhancement is the launch of the Check-in Challenge.

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Wht this means is that you are now able to find the different rewards you want to purchase using your Air Miles, and the stores that allow you to earn even more Air Miles than normal.

Out of these two new fetures, I prefer the latter mainly because if you are able to find the nearest sponsor bonuses, you can maximize your Air Miles even further.

As I previously mentioned, Air Miles has also recently launched the Check-in Challenge.

What is the Check-in Challenge?

The Check-in Challenge is a a contest being run until April 30th, 2012. This is the first ever Air Miles mobile game that ranks the number of Check-ins a Collectors does at Air Miles sponsor locations against other Air Miles Collectors.

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At the end of each month, the top 50 Collectors with the highest number of Check-ins will earn themselves 2x the rewars miles they may hav earned that month at the Sponsors they checked into.

This Check-in challenge was designed to add a “gameification” layer to the App.

It is a great way to increase your Air Miles useage, and a little competition never hurt anyone.

I really like this contest because it gives you an incentive to spending smart. You will not only be earning more Air Miles at the sponsors, but if you spend a minute checking in, you will stand a change to earn 2x the miles you earn in the month.

There are only 3 months in this challenge remaining, download the app and start checking in if you want the chance to compete for double the rewards earned in the month you win.

What do you think of the Check-in Challenge?


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chantl01 Wrote:

I tried out this app and would like to applaud Air Miles with finally getting on board with having an app that works on Android! So far the check-in challenge works like a dream. Unfortunately, the in-store sponsor offers doesn’t really seem to work. I was standing inside an LCBO checking it out and although I was surrounded with shelf tags offering Air Miles promotions, the app was showing no in-store promotions available. Hopefully this feature will be improved in the next release.

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