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Monday Jan 23, 2017

Introducing the Air Miles App

24 January 2012

Air Miles is one of the most widely used rewards program; in the recent weeks, Air Miles has announced an new program that will be launching in a couple of months, called Air Miles Cash, and a new expiry rules for the Air Miles program.

That being said, I came across a great app that avid Air Mile collectors may just want to add to their line-up, as it will ultimately make your Air Mile collecting potential increase.

The app I am talking about is none other than the Air Miles App.

Ultimately, the Air Miles App will allows users to keep track of their Air Miles, bonus offers and sponsor locations, increasing the amount of Air Miles reward miles you can earn on the go.

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What can the Air Miles App do for me?

The Air Miles app will allows you to access your Air Miles account by signing in with your Collector number, view your Air Miles collector card, and check your Air Miles account balance.

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Purchasing products from sponsors can be a huge asset to people looking to earn more Air Miles reward miles at any given point. That being said, with the Air Miles app, you can locate Sponsors near you, using your smartphone’s GPS.

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When you do reach a designated Air Miles sponsor, you can also “check-in”, which is a feature that tells Air Miles where you are. You will be able t o check in at any Sponsor location that appear on the check-in page on the map. In some cases, you can receive bonus Air Miles or exclusive offers when you check-in at the location.

Can I earn Air Miles reward miles using the Air Miles App?

In my opinion, a great feature that comes with having the Air Miles app is the fact that you can show your Collector card on your mobile app to earn Air Miles reward miles. With that said, Air Miles has explained that you may only be able to show the Collector card on the Air Miles app at some sponsor locations. You will need to ask the cashier at the sponsor if they are willing to accept your Air Miles collectors card through the Air Miles app.

Honestly, I do not see any sponsors refusing this option, but I haven’t had to test it out, but from my experience in collecting rewards through an app (SCENE rewards), I have not been refused for showing the app, instead of my rewards card.

What other features should the Air Miles app have?

As it stands, the Air Miles app has virtually everything you could need. You can view your current Air Miles, collect Air Miles, find sponsors, etc.

There really is no other feature that needs to be included, but one.

That feature that I am talking about is an Air Miles Balance preference slider. As you might be aware, with the introduction of Air Miles Cash, clients can set a preference as to how much of each type of rewards they wish to earn.

With the a Air Miles balance preference slider, you would be able to set how you collect Air Miles whenever you want, however as it is stated on the Air Miles website, any change in your preference will take effect at 3:00 am ET the following day.

As Air Miles Cash has yet to be launched, there is a possibility that Air Miles will introduce this feature on their app. Hopefully they do, as it would make life easier for anyone looking to change their rewards preference on the go.

The Air Miles app is currently available for the iPhone and Blackberry. If you are an avid collector, you may just want to download it, as you will be able to find sponsors and offers near you.




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