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Sunday Feb 26, 2017

PayPal App Overview

19 January 2012

PayPal is a service I am sure a lot of you have used over the years, in fact I would not be surprised if the main place you use PayPal is eBay. I know in my case, I created a PayPal account to start purchasing products off eBay.

For anyone who is unsure, PayPal is an e-commerce business that allows payments and money transfers to be made through the Internet.

PayPal functions by you either depositing money onto your account, or having funds be pulled from you bank account, to your PayPal account, and then used for your purchase. It is a great way to make secure payments.

To be honest, I rarely use my PayPal nowadays, I tend to stick with using my credit card.

That being said, it recently came to my attention that PayPal has had a mobile app on the market for some time, which offers a lot of great features for avid PayPal users, and in my opinion can even bring people to want to use it more often.

What does the PayPal mobile app offer?

The PayPal app allows you to send money to your friends, manage your account, and much more. What makes using the PayPal app so ideal is the fact that it is a convenient way to send friends and family money when you need to, especially when you compare it to going to the ATM, writing cheques, etc.

With the PayPal app you can do the following:

  • Send money as gifts, or repay a friend, request money (all for Free). When sending money, you have the option of using an email for the recipient or their mobile number.

    photo 2 1 PayPal App Overview

  • Split bills and request money at the same time; with this function you can choose to round up/ down the bill total, or leave it as is. From there you can begin requesting money to whoever is part of the bill.

    photo 1 PayPal App Overviewphoto 2 PayPal App Overview

  • You can collect money for a group gift; you can add notes for the transaction, input the amount of contributors. You can assign names to the contributors (for record keeping purposes), and assign a specific amount of money to each contributor.

    photo 3 PayPal App Overviewphoto PayPal App Overview

  • Check your account balance, withdraw funds, or view past transactions

    photo 4 PayPal App Overview

  • Create, track and manage fundraising campaigns

    photo1 PayPal App Overview

  • Bump to exchange contacts and send money through Bump

    photo 2 11 PayPal App Overview

As you can see, you can do quite a lot with the PayPal app. To make logging in easier, PayPal has also given you the option to creating pin, which you can use to login to instead of your password and to change your login id as your mobile phone number.

photo 5 PayPal App Overview

Overall, PayPal has created a great app, that if used, can help make managing your finances a bit easier.

However, there is one feature I was a bit disappointed to not find on the PayPal app.

What is the feature that is missing?

On the US version of the PayPal app, there is the option to snap a photo of your cheque to add it directly into your PayPal account (no fees applied). When I first came upon the PayPal app, the feature that caught my eye was this one.

Yes, I know that the downside to this feature is that it is put into your PayPal app but you can always transfer the money to your bank account (there is a wait period, but the convenience of this is good).

I like the idea of depositing cheques with a photo, but I am not too keen on the money being sent to my PayPal account. You can opt to have the money sent to your bank account, but there is a delay in the transfer of funds.

The PayPal app is available to download for the Android, Blackberry and iPhone.

What do you think of the PayPal app?



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Comments (5 )

mel gibson Wrote:

more businesses should accept paypal

Sensei Wrote:

Personally, I find a lot of places accept PayPal as it is. A lot of online retailers have been allowing people to pay through Interac,

I love paypal. i mostly use it for Ebay but it comes in handy with all the uses you highlighted above. I think more traditional retailers will eventually take it.

Bank Guru Wrote:

I love paypal also. I started using it heavily after the Canada Post strike. I was upset about the strike and decided to move everything online.

This looks good. Often the phone apps are easier to use than the websites. This appears to be the case here. Thanks for writing.

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