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Sunday Feb 26, 2017

Scotiabank Named Best Trade Finance Bank and No. 1 FX Provider

11 January 2012

Global Finance Magazine has acknowledged Scotiabank in two categories for 2012, allowing them to be recognized as number 1 in the respective award categories.

Scotiabank has been recognized as the leading foreign exchange provider in Canada, Jamaica and Peru for 2012. Scotia Capital has been names Canada’s best foreign exchange provider for the eighth year in a row, while Scotiabank Jamaica has been the top foreign exchange provider for the four years and Scotiabank Peru has been the top foreign exchange provider for five years.

The second accolade, is that Scotiabank has been named “Best Trade Finance Bank” in Canada, for the fifth year in a row.

iStock 000003636352XSmall Scotiabank Named Best Trade Finance Bank and No. 1 FX Provider

Both awards are great, and Scotiabank has done well to maintain these awards for so long, especially in the turbulent economy we have seen the past few years.

What helped Scotiabank to be named the No. 1 Foreign Exchange Provider?

For Scotiabank to be named the No. 1 Foreign Exchange Provider in Canada, Jamaica, and Peru, then they would have to do well in the following criteria:

  • Transaction volumes
  • Market shares
  • Scope of global coverage
  • Customer service
  • Competitive pricing
  • Innovative technologies

What is more important about this is particular award is the fact that it is something that has been awarded for several years. It goes to show that even as time goes on, Scotiabank adjusts and provides the same level of service, showing their level of commitment to providing their clients with superior service and market intelligence in both Canada and internationally.

What helped Scotiabank become the Best Trade Finance Bank?

The award of being name the “Best Trade Finance Bank” in Canada, highlights Scotiabank’s ongoing commitment to high quality, innovative offerings and services that meet their clients needs.

Scotiabank offers its services in more than 55 countries, where they provide financial solutions that include supply chain financing, electronic banking and payments and trade finance, which help both their domestic and international clients.

It is great to see Scotiabank recognized for their hard work, and I look forward to what they bring in the future to maintain their standing in these awards.

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Shawn Wrote:

But yet their customer service remains deplorable.

Sensei Wrote:

I have not dealt with Scotiabank personally, but I have heard of their customer service. How do you find it, assuming you bank with them? How did you feel about Scotiabank losing client information?

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