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Sunday Feb 26, 2017

Air Miles Introduces new Air Miles Cash Program

5 January 2012

Earlier this week I wrote about the new Air Miles expiry rules, and I mentioned that I came to learn of this news through an article I read on Rewards Cards Canada. That being said, while reading the article I also came to learn about another new initiative Air Miles was launching, which is called Air Miles Cash.

After a bit of research, I came to learn that Air Miles Cash is an upcoming feature to Air Miles clients in March 2012.

What is Air Miles Cash?

Air Miles Cash is a new program feature that will allow you to redeem reward miles instantly at checkout, which can be used at participating sponsors.

As I just mentioned, Air Miles Cash is a feature that will let you redeem Air Miles Cash balance towards purchases at participating sponsors. As you can see, I said “Air Miles Cash Balance”; your current Air Miles balance (otherwise known as your Dream Balance) is actually different from what you Cash Balance is.

Air Miles makes it easy for everyone and allows you to choose how you want to allocate your reward miles. You can choose to earn towards your new Air Miles Cash balance, both your Air Miles Cash Balance and Dream Balance or earn solely towards your Dream Balance.

Air Miles Cash works by you redeeming 95 Air Miles for every $10 spent at a participating sponsor.

How do I sign up for Air Miles Cash?

Signing up for Air Miles Cash is an easy process. In order to sign up for Air Miles Cash, follow the steps below:

  1. Visit
  2. Click “Activate your account”

     Air Miles Introduces new Air Miles Cash Program

  3. Select whether you want to earn Air Miles Cash only, or both Air Miles Cash and Dream

     Air Miles Introduces new Air Miles Cash Program

  4. If you select you want to earn both Air Miles Cash and Dream balances, you will need to set your Preference for your account by moving the slider.

     Air Miles Introduces new Air Miles Cash Program

  5. If you selected you want to earn just Air Miles Cash, then click “Confirm” to put all earnings into your Air Miles Cash balance.

    Screen shot 2012 01 05 at 1.32.13 PM1 Air Miles Introduces new Air Miles Cash Program

What do I think about the new Air Miles Cash Feature?

Honestly, 95 Air Miles is a lot to be using at once, and personally speaking, I would venture to this feature too often. Yes, it is nice to have the option to use your rewards to pay for various things, but when you really thing about it, the amount of rewards you are spending is not entirely worth it.

For example, you can redeem 190 reward miles for a Cineplex Entertainment package; in this package you get 2 free admissions, 2 regular drinks and a regular popcorn. The movie tickets alone cost on average $12.50 at Famous Players.

Now is you were to use Air Miles Cash, then at 190 Air Miles you would only get $20, which makes the package worth redeeming.

That being said, the current list of participating stores in Ontario that you can redeem Air Miles Cash will be Jean Coutu, Metro, Rexal/ Pharma Plus, Rona, and Shell Retail.

Personally, I find 95 Air Miles a bit high for the redemption rate of $10, but that is just my opinion on the topic.

What do you think of the Air Miles Cash program?


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Comments (2 )

John Wrote:

I think it’s a wonderful program!
if you really think about it, you can get 100 bonus miles pretty easily at any sponsors….so your math is a bit short sighted in my opinion

Sensei Wrote:

I am not saying it is a bad program at all. In my example, I was looking at the cost to redeem Air Miles Cash to get what the 190 Air Mile package would get your at Cineplex. You would need a lot more than 190 Air Miles if you wanted to redeem the package that is currently available.

That said, there are times where Air Miles Cash can prove useful, particularly at grocery stores; I love the idea of being able to redeem on the spot at checkout.

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