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Sunday Feb 26, 2017

RBC Mobile Banking App Holds Top Spot for Best 2011 Apps

4 January 2012

Apple has released their Best of 2011 apps, and of course there is a Finance Category. As you have probably guessed it, one of the Big Six banks holds a top spot for the Canadian Financial category for popularity. The Canadian bank, which holds the top spot in the Canadian Financial category, is none other than the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC).

What makes RBC’s mobile app stand out?

RBC launched their mobile banking app for the iPhone and Blackberry December 2010, in October 2011, they launched an Android version; all of these apps are fully integrated to work on the respective smartphone platform.

Popularity Screenshot RBC Mobile Banking App Holds Top Spot for Best 2011 Apps

That being said, since the launch of RBC’s mobile banking apps:

  • Clients have signed into the apps for more than 40 million time
  • The most popular features include: Checking account balanced, bill payments and fund transfers
  • Clients have paid over 2.2 million bills
  • Clients have transferred funds over 5 million times

Another interesting fact is that on October 31st, RBC set a new record by obtaining 1 million mobile app downloads in less than a year, making RBC the first Canadian financial institution to reach this benchmark in under a year.

For RBC to even make any of the accolades I listed above, they have had to create a solid mobile banking app (why else would people download it).

On another note, the fact is, RBC is the largest of the Big 6, it isn’t to much of a surprise that they are at the top of the list for the Canadian Financial category, however what is amazing is the fact that their RBC mobile banking app for the iPhone has only been out for a little over a year.

Realistically, this is a feat that we do not see a lot of banks make, and it is great to see RBC being recognized for their hard work. They took their time in creating a mobile banking app, but the end result speaks for itself. The app is widely used, and highly rated.

Screen shot 2012 01 04 at 11.54.50 AM RBC Mobile Banking App Holds Top Spot for Best 2011 Apps

What has RBC done to ensure their mobile banking app is #1?

In the latest update, RBC has added in a feature that was based on customer feedback. The feature added in is the Upcoming Payments functionality. With this feature in the mobile banking app, you can View and Delete in Real Time, postdated payments and transfers scheduled in the following 30 days for any of your accounts.

Outside of the iPhone version, RBC ensured that they stay on top by offering a fully integrated Blackberry mobile banking app, which makes use of the Blackberry maps app as well. In October 2011, they also launched a fully integrated Android app, which definitely pleased a lot of clients.

RBC takes your thoughts into account, and this only proves it.



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Nick S. Wrote:

It may well be a great app but RBC chose to release their Android app in the Canadian Android Market only, so unfortunately, RBC clients who are non resident (and have a non Canadian mobile provider) but who still have a Canadian banking relationship can’t download the app.

Bank Guru Wrote:

Very interesting point. I can understand why they launched it in the Canadian Android Market. I’m curious now if you can still download it through other ways…

Jason Scott Wrote:

The RBC App is great, its a shame that many of the other major banks and building societies haven’t introduced online banking apps, it would be so much quicker than using safari or the respective mobile web browser, and probably safer too.

Much informative and useful article… I like it personally…

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