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Monday Jan 23, 2017

BMO InvestorLine Offers Morningstar Credit Research reports to Investors

15 November 2011

BMO InvestorLine has become the first Canadian brokerage to launch Morningstar credit research reports.

BMO InvestorLine will now have a new set of resources that will provide investors with expanded company research from none other than Morningstar, which is one of the largest independent sources for equity and credit research in the world.

What will the new Morningstar Credit Research reports do for me?

These new Morningstar credit research reports are designed to assist investors in meeting their long term investing goals.

The deals for the Morningstar Credit & Equity Reports and Pick Lists are as follows:

  • Morningstar Credit Reports
    Investors will be able to access Morningstar Credit Reports for more than 300 North American listed companies. BMO InvestorLine is the first Canadian brokerage to offer this resource to investors.
  • Morningstar Canadian Pick Lists
    The Canada Core and Canada Income Pick Lists feature the most attractively valued Canadian large cap and top dividend paying Canadian equities. This is published monthly.
  • Morningstar Equity Reports
    These particular reports will provide detailed qualitative and quantitative analysis, fair value estimates and Morningstar’s proprietary Stars ranking.

What Morningstar will be providing BMO InvestorLine involves giving tons of information that allows investors to make even better decisions with well produced data.

In the end, with how the financial market is, it never hurts to have more information to help you as you invest.

Cesar Rainusso, Vice President, BMO InvestorLine explained that the goal is to always deliver the most innovative and up to date tools to Canadian investors. These educational resources are sure to benefit a lot of investors reach their goals and objectives.

Personally, I am not an avid investor, but from what I can see, having this information at your fingertips when using BMO InvestorLine can allow you to gain deeper insights into various investments. Now I am not going to say that using this information will guarantee you to do well all the time, but I am sure it can help increase your odds.

What do you think of BMO InvestorLine having research from Morningstar?

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