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The Best Financial Websites for Canadians 2011 Edition

9 November 2011

Last year, BankNerd published an article that covered the best financial websites for Canadians. To be honest, it took several nights to get the job done; there were many websites to go through, and review for the list. We had a lot of publishers upset that they didn’t make the exclusive list and we had other publishers who were overjoyed. We even received an edible arrangement from one publisher! [Editors note: Some would call this a bribe for the future, I would call it a simple thank you gift our team really enjoyed.]

This year was no different. There were a lot of new websites to examine, not to mention websites that we missed out on that were worthy of being on the list last year.

The websites listed below have been aimed to help you get the best experience out of your finances. Some websites will have methods to help you get out of debt, while others might have a great plan for you to retire on time, maybe even early.

All of the websites listed are fantastic, and deserve your time to be spent on each one of them. Websites that contain “2010” in big bold red letters to the right side of there name, mean they were on the list last year.

Without any further delay, let us move onto the top Canadian Finance Websites of 2011.

The Dividend Guy iStock 000010406631XSmall1 The Best Financial Websites for Canadians 2011 Edition

The goal of the Dividend Guy is to share his passion for investing in high dividend stocks, which continually grow their dividends allowing him to ensure he has a steady stream of dividend cash flow building up to his retirement. Definitely not a bad idea; he writes  many posts concerning investing and portfolio building. This is a great source of information for any investor, especially those who are new and wish to learn. An interesting article titled “6 Reasons Why You Should Panic and 1 Reason Why You Should Keep Investing” gives you great information and a solid reason why you must keep investing.

The Dividend Guy Blog 2011 10 18 15 15 18 The Best Financial Websites for Canadians 2011 Edition


MoneySmartsBlog iStock 000010406631XSmall1 The Best Financial Websites for Canadians 2011 Edition

Money Smarts Blog is a great finance website to help you in the areas of investing, real estate and personal finance. Mike Holman (the author) provide in depth information on these topics from his own experience; he has worked in the Canadian finance industry for almost 2 decades. A recent article titled “A Practical Way to Estimate and Budget for Home Maintenance Costs” gives information on how you can effectively estimate and create a budget when dealing with home maintenance.

Money Smart Blog The Best Financial Websites for Canadians 2011 Edition

Boomer & Echo iStock 000010406631XSmall1 The Best Financial Websites for Canadians 2011 Edition

Boomer & Echo is a great personal finance website that offers two great perspectives in the world of personal finance, the Boomer and the Echo. What you will find with this particular website is a lot of useful information from two generations; you will read everything from savings strategies, down to investing tips. This website has it all. I have recently read a great article titled “11 Steps to Financial Freedom – Step 1: Prioritize your Goals“, this is a great article, and gives you insight in becoming financially sound.

Boomer The Best Financial Websites for Canadians 2011 Edition

Where Does All My Money Go iStock 000010406631XSmall1 The Best Financial Websites for Canadians 2011 Edition

Rated as one of the top 5 personal finance blogs by BNN and the Globe and Mail in  2009, and 2010, this  blog is a great source of information for investors. It gives some insight into the market and gives great opinions that should not be missed.

I recently read an article titled “Too Big to Keep it Real”, which gave great information concerning a phrase used throughout the credit crisis.

Preet The Best Financial Websites for Canadians 2011 Edition

The Canadian Personal Finance Blog1318966350 label new red1 The Best Financial Websites for Canadians 2011 Edition

The Canadian Personal Finance blog is a great source of finance information. The author, Big Cajun Man is a great writer and offers a lot of information. He writes exactly what he feels about a topic and I love his approach.

An article I read a while back that I enjoyed was “We Can’t Afford That”. I enjoyed it particularly because it highlights the topic of people turning to credit in order to afford things they cannot pay for immediately.

Screen shot 2011 11 09 at 9.38.34 AM The Best Financial Websites for Canadians 2011 Edition


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Honoured to make the list this year! I hope to come out with anoth “no fluff” article soon!

Bank Guru Wrote:

We love your no fluff content! That is going to stick with me forever now isn’t it??

Jim Yih Wrote:

Thanks for the mention! I really appreciate your continued support

Awe thanks so much Bank Guru! I’m honored to make it to the list this year again! :)

Have a great 2012!

I am humbled and honoured! Thanks very much Bank Guru!

I look forward to connecting with you more in the future!


Great list of the best of financial blogs. I write my own and so very much appreciate the hard wotk my peers put into theirs. Congrats to the winners.

Ross Taylor Wrote:

I like your selections – not sure of the significance of the order of placement – if so, I might quibble about the relative rankings. As a relative newcomer to the group, with a different slant and approach towards writing, I had no expectations about making your list.

However, my site ( will be going through yet another metamorphis in the next few weeks, and maybe next year can come under consideration.

On a separate note, I look forward to my daily email from BankNerd: – it is an incredible task to follow through on a commitment to update your readers every single day.

David Wrote:

Very informative for a do it yourself investor that keeps money in your pocket. This should be the top website for any do it yourself investor. Why pay for something you can do and save fees. Moderators are very informative, helpful and sometimes witty…go OB.

krystalatwork Wrote:

Thanks for the mention! I’m honoured to be on your list. :)

Bank Guru Wrote:

Thanks for stopping by. Keep up the awesome work!

Bank Guru Wrote:

Anytime. I think you know by now we love your work! Keep up the great work!

Bank Guru Wrote:

Hey Ross!

Thanks for stopping by. The list isn’t in any order. We are considering next year to make it a user generated list, which means we can rank them. We felt that each of the sites mentioned above are awesome and regardless of the rank they all should be checked out daily.

I have also been watching your website. Great content! Keep up the good work.

Honoured to be part of such an impressive list of websites. Thank you to Sensei and Guru for putting this together!

Looks like your site is getting alot of visitors.

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