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Tuesday Feb 21, 2017

Totally Money Blog Carnival #41

17 October 2011 has the pleasure of hosting this weeks Totally Money Carnival.  What I love about the totally money blog carnival is the fact that there is a plethora of subjects covered in the articles.

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Editors pick

iStock 000003636352XSmall1 Totally Money Blog Carnival #41

Money Beagle presents Steve Jobs Knew What Was Best For You posted at Money Beagle.

Mike Holman presents Canadian Discount Brokerage Comparison posted at Money Smarts Blog.

Robb presents Will Rising Interest Rates Affect My Variable Rate Mortgage? posted at Canadian Finance Blog.

Jim Yih presents How to become a millionaire? posted at Retire Happy Blog.

And the Rest…

Credit & Debt

iStock 000005048376XSmall Totally Money Blog Carnival #41

YFS presents Tips on How you Can Improve Your Credit Score posted at YourFinancesSimplified.

Everything Finance presents Visa Black Card Review posted at Everything Finance.

Mike presents TD Travel Rewards Review posted at Rewards Cards Canada.

Eric J. Nisall presents Are Credit Issuers to Blame For the Nation’s Problems? posted at DollarVersity.

Barb Friedberg presents How to Get Rid of Debt; Start Here posted at Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance.
Crystal presents What Is The True Cost Of Debt? posted at StupidCents.

Jason Price presents Do You Use Dave Ramsey’s Debt Snowball to Pay Off Debt? posted at One Money Design.

Money Management

iStock 000011392293XSmall2 Totally Money Blog Carnival #41

Evan presents Is It Possible People Are This Clueless About Their Cash Flow? posted at My Journey to Millions.

Joshua M Schultz presents Forecasting Equities with Yield Analysis posted at The Corner Office.

Matt presents Why Budgets Fail and How to Create a Successful Budget posted at Living in Financial Excellence.

Jon the Saver presents Creating a Spending Journal: Tips for Budgeting posted at Free Money Wisdom.

Sustainable PF presents 3 Secrets to an Early Retirement posted at Sustainable Personal Finance.

N.W. Journey presents Please Talk about Money–It’s Important posted at Networth Journey.


iStock 000006972546Small1 Totally Money Blog Carnival #41Edward Webber presents How Much Can you Earn Before Paying Tax in 2011 posted at Tax Rebate Blog.

Mark Roberts presents What You Should Know About Federal Income Tax posted at Tax Brackets.

Dr. Dean presents Estate Taxes: Do You Care? posted at The Millionaire Nurse Blog.

Real estate

iStock 000006187671XSmall1 Totally Money Blog Carnival #41Corey presents Hiring a Property Manager: What it Offers You posted at 20′s Finances.

Marie presents Tips to Save Money on House Repairs posted at Money Spending Mommy.

Robb presents Will Rising Interest Rates Affect My Variable Rate Mortgage? posted at Canadian Finance Blog.


iStock 000004878226XSmall1 Totally Money Blog Carnival #41

Ryan presents Betterment Review: Incredibly Simple Investing posted at Outlaw Finance.

DFTLR presents Investor Or Speculator? posted at Dividends For The Long Run.


iStock 000007684114Small1 300x198 Totally Money Blog Carnival #41

Jennifer presents Effectively Balancing Income and Expenses posted at How Does Rent To Own Work?.

Sandra Adams presents Historically Low Interest Rates? Not For Consumer Credit posted at Credit Cards for No Credit.

Deborah Brown presents Frugal Living posted at First Credit Card.

That is the end of this week’s carnival. Be sure to check out next week’s carnival; Boomer & Echo will be hosting it. If you are interested in submitting your articles to the carnival, be sure to use the submission form.

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Thanks for hosting Sensei.

Money Beagle Wrote:

Thanks for hosting and for including me, as an editors pick to boot!

Sensei Wrote:

Don’t mention it, I love hosting the Totally Money Blog Carnival; loved your submission by the way. Hopefully I can take your advice and retire early :D

Sensei Wrote:

No problem!! You post was great, I loved how you highlighted Steve Jobs and the work he did. I especially liked the title “Steve Jobs knew what was best for you”.

Dr Dean Wrote:

Thanks for hosting. Loved the pictures.

Sensei Wrote:

No problem. I love hosting the Totally Money Blog Carnival.

Mike Holman Wrote:

Thanks for the editor’s pick – nice job on the pictures. :)

Tom Drake Wrote:

Thanks for choosing Robb’s post at Canadian Finance Blog as an editor’s pick!

Sensei Wrote:

Don’t mention it. I loved the article. It gave a lot of great information and a lot of people would benefit from reading it.

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