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Monday Jan 23, 2017

McDonald’s is More Cutting Edge Than Most Banks

31 August 2011

Whoever heard of a fast-food restaurant being a trend setter? Not a thought most of us would have, but, amazingly enough, and consistent with the company’s history, McDonald’s is astutely in-tune with current social movements and is embracing both the trend and the technology to better serve their customers with contactless payment options in over 1400 McDonald’s Canada locations.

Beginning the summer of 2011, Near Field Communication (NFC) terminals installed at McDonald’s throughout Canada have been accepting payments made with both MasterCard’s® PayPass and with Visa’s® payWave. With the improved technology, McDonald’s will increase the speed with which a person can complete a transaction. For purchases up to $25, customers can simply wave their Visa payWave card over the terminal or tap the terminal with their MasterCard PayPass and be on their way. Consumers who have Androids®, iPhones®, or other Smart Phones with the appropriate mobile applications, can use their cell phones to complete the NFC electronic check out as well.

With your credit card or phone never having to leave your sight or your hand, McDonald’s new NFC technology mean the customer has more control and greater security. Both MasterCard’s PayPass cards and Visa’s payWave cards have multiple levels of security featuring such things as encryption in the embedded technology, a very close range at which the cards can be read, secure processing through the same network as swipe transactions, and zero percent liability in case your card is ever stolen.

“You Deserve A Break Today” is not just a slogan from early in the company’s history, but continues to be a guiding principle for McDonald’s service to the customer. Immediately preceding McDonald’s Canada’s announcement of the contactless payment option, they made unlimited, free wireless internet connections available in their restaurants. Whether you’re a busy businessman dashing in for a bit between appointments or a busy mom trying to feed kids between games and lessons, McDonald’s has a consistent history of trying to make life just a bit easier for its customers.

In the 70’s, making life easier meant revamping restaurant facilities to include drive-thru windows. In the 80’s, McDonald’s added playgrounds so parents could finish a meal while active little ones could expend their endless energy in a safe, easy-to-observe environment. McDonald’s Australia led the way with McCafés in the 90’s, offering high quality coffee in a café atmosphere. A restaurant facelift was the focus in the mid 2000’s as the company worked to warm up the colors and the decor at many locations. Customers noticed less plastic, more wood, and framed photography or other contemporary art as the redesign was completed.

McDonald’s Canada 2011’s addition of technology means you have plenty of time to pick up your order, tap your phone to complete your payment transaction, and still have several minutes to post a Tweet or update your FaceBook status before heading off to the next thing on your agenda.

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Which mobile apps for iPhone or Android allow customers to pay at McDonalds with their NFC-enabled phones in Canada today? My understanding is that although a few telephone models on the market are equipped with NFC chips, this ability is not in place yet.

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