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Sunday Feb 26, 2017

Totally Money Blog Carnival #34

29 August 2011 finally has the pleasure to host the Totally Money Carnival.  What I love about the totally money blog carnival is the fact that there is a plethora of subjects covered in the articles.

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Editor Picks

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Melissa presents Are You Frugal at the Expense of Enjoying Life? posted at Mom’s Plans.

Bob presents 5 Tips For Paying Off Your Mortgage Early posted at ChristianPF.

Katie Sorene presents Warning: Don’t Make these 8 Money Mistakes When Traveling Abroad posted at Tripbase.

Ryan presents Top 5 Common Investing Mistakes posted at Outlaw Finance.

And the Rest…


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Ryan presents How to Transfer a Credit Card Balance posted at Deliver Away Debt.

Everything Finance presents Credit Card or Debit Card: Which is Better? posted at Everything Finance.

Tim Chen presents How to Get the American Express Gold Card 75,000 Membership Rewards Points Bonus posted at NerdWallet Blog – Credit Card Watch.

Fanny presents Getting Your First Credit Card posted at Living Richly on a Budget.

Jeremy presents Today’s slightly easier credit may be just a mirage posted at Taking Charge.

Marjorie presents Credit Card Delinquency posted at

Janet presents 5 Things College Students Need to Know About Credit Cards posted at Credit, Eh.


iStock 000004878226XSmall1 Totally Money Blog Carnival #34

Ryan presents How Mutual Funds Work posted at Outlaw Finance.

Mike Piper presents Safe Withdrawal Rates and Life Expectancy posted at Oblivious Investor.

The Family Wallet presents Retirement: Don’t Let Your Money Retire posted at The Family Wallet.

Briana Myricks presents When to Visit Your Certified Financial Planner posted at Personal Dividends – Money+Lifestyle.

Glen Craig presents Investing: Why Boring is Good posted at Free From Broke.

Jim Yih presents Inflation: Using real vs nominal rates of return posted at Retire Happy Blog.

Budgeting and Debt

iStock 000011392293XSmall2 Totally Money Blog Carnival #34

Steve presents Struggling With Bills? Here?s 5 Tips To Help You Get Back On Track posted at Debt Consolidation.

Ali, Tarik presents Make Vacation Time Every Day – 3 Steps to Retiring Today posted at Success starts today.

Alan presents Taking a Financial Hit posted at Canadian Finance Blog.


iStock 000006187671XSmall1 Totally Money Blog Carnival #34

John presents 15 Items that Impact the Cost of Homeowners Insurance posted at Wallet Blog.

Money Spending Mommy presents Tips for Preparing for Your Kids? College Education posted at Money Spending Mommy.

Debbie Dragon presents 12 Money Saving Tips For Parents posted at Parenting Squad.

That was quite a few articles covered this week, however they were well worth the time it took to go through them. Be sure to check out next week’s carnival. If you are interested in submitting your articles to the carnival, be sure to use the submission form.

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