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Thursday Feb 23, 2017

Paying the bills despite Canada Post Strike

7 June 2011

The past few days I have been seeing various articles concerning the Canada Post going on strike. To be honest, I did not think much of it; it simply did not hit me what would happen when my mail would not be delivered.

It only hit me when a relative was expressing her concern on the fact that paying bills would become problematic, as they would not be receiving the statements in the mail.

It was a light bulb moment for me, and the seriousness of the situation hit me all at once.

Bills not coming in is a huge problem; we will not know how much we owe, and realistically speaking, the companies could not care less about whether or not we are receiving the bills, they just want their money.

Honestly, I can see how the Canada Post wants to get more for their services, but seriously, it is affecting everyone on a massive scale.

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What options do we have?

In the end we should completely ignore the strike and not let it get to us.

To make your bill payments on time, try the following:

  1. Check to see if you can start receiving your bills online. It is easy to set up certain utilities to make bills receivable through your email, and make payments through your credit card or online banking. Look at the example below for when paying a bill for Rogers:Bank Payment Rogers 2011 06 20 15 59 46 Paying the bills despite Canada Post Strike
  2. Credit Cards are easy to pay; you should be able to set up notifications as to when you statement is in. From that point on, be sure to go to your online banking and ensure that you make your payments on time.
  3. One great option is to sign up for epost, a service that the Canada Post administers. What is great about epost is the fact that you can view, pay and manage your bills all from one location; the best part is that it costs absolutely nothing to use. You can set up and pay over 200 types of bills and financial documents. You can avoid late charges completely by setting up reminders and delivery notifications.
  4. Canada Post – Welcome to epost 2011 06 07 10 50 59 Paying the bills despite Canada Post StrikeGenerally, you will have a good idea of what bills you have to pay each month. Make a list and when you are paying your bills be sure that you are able to check everything off to ensure that you have paid all of your bills

Personally, the best option out of all of them is to use epost. I use it to get my credit card statements delivered to me, to be honest I don’t even open the mail. Once I see it come in, I know my online banking statement will be updated and I can go and pay whatever I owe whenever I want. Epost is definitely something you should consider seeing as you can likely set up most if not all of your bills to be delivered and sent to you.

This whole strike can get frustrating, so you know what, forget about it and go digital. You can help the environment, while still making your payments on time, avoiding any excess charges.

What are your thoughts on the strike and ensuring your bills are paid on time?

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Update: Strike is over and Canada Post is running regularly

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krantcents Wrote:

I have been paying my bills online for years. This year, I went paperless with as many bills as I could. Aside from greater efficiency I am saving postage too. Frankly, I don’t understand why everybody doesn’t do it.

Sensei Wrote:

That is great to hear, the strike should definitely not affect you. It definitely is something everyone should consider doing seeing as it is much easier to pay a bill online than send it out through the mail, or visit a bank branch to pay them.

june Wrote:

All the postal workers need to rid themselves of their self importance.Their 7 weeks vacation entitlement,sick benefits,full retirement benefits at age 55 maybe feasible when the employer’s business has not been dramatically affected by changes and a downfall of the economy.
Do you all know how long professionals with a university degree need to work in order to get 7 weeks of vacation? Which other professional can retire with full pension at the age of 55?.Strike on, many will find that they can do without Canada post.

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