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Monday Jan 23, 2017

ING Direct Improves THRiVE Chequing Account

3 May 2011

Last year we saw ING Direct introduce the THRiVE Chequing account, a no fee chequing account that answers all the needs clients have been asking for.

Ever since the release of this chequing account, ING has been updating various aspects of the account to make it even more suitable for customers.

One thing I love about ING Direct is that fact that they are on top of their social media, which in turn allows them to receive great feedback from clients and use that to improve their products.

What are the latest updates?

The latest improvements made to the THRiVE Chequing account include improvements to their Payee Search. The improvements include:

  • the ability to suggest any missing Payees online
  • the ability to sort your Payees on the “Pay my Bills” page

One of the biggest improvements lies within the THRiVE Chequing account hold policy. As it stands, in the past the hold policy consisted of the usual 5 business day wait period, however ING Direct developed a method where clients in good standing can have access to their money without the wait.

The change that involves the hold policy lies in how money gets into your account. Normally, the levels above involve you depositing money through an ABM, however it will also include bank to bank transfers. This makes it much easier to bank with ING Direct, and allows you to have access to you funds virtually whenever you need it once you have built a good relationship with the bank. With the hold policy now included bank to bank transfers, there is realistically nothing stopping you from using the THRiVE Chequing account. On another note, ING recently opened a new state of the art Cafe in downtown Toronto, which offers anyone a combination of Starbucks and the Apple Store, allowing people to get their banking complete in a great environment.

It is great to see ING being so interactive with their customers on social media, listening to what they want to see in the products and producing results.

I love the new changes to the THRiVE Chequing account, and cannot wait to see what further improvements ING makes to their products.

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Jeff Wrote:

This sounds like an excellent product. I was however a former Citizens Bank of Canada customer; and although I enjoyed years of free transactions; in the end, VanCity Credit Union – the owners of Citizens Bank of Canada realized that there was no money to be made in free – online checking accounts, and shut the whole bank down – after 12 years! If you’re younger, and have limited financial transactions, why not? However once you’re older with a family, children, and well established; and have many deposits, PAC’s and bill payments; it is a real pain in the rump to start all over and build a new relationship with another bank. IMHO, I’d rather pay my fees and know my bank is going to be around awhile. Also, when things go wrong, I want to be able to talk face to face with my banker – not a call center where you wonder if they are really going to do what they just said they’ll do. And finally, ING Call Centres are in Montreal and Toronto, and they are a Dutch bank based in the Netherlands. Bricks and Mortar might cost a little more, but that bricks and mortar building in my village provides an income for at least ten families in the community. But Hey, but if this ING Account works for you! GO FOR IT!

Shawn Wrote:

I love ING’s service too, just waiting for 1 last cheque to clear my old bank and I’m closing my account there. For me I got a $1000 release for all deposits, I heard they do soft credit check, presumably to determine if they will grant this release, so kudos to them for that! I had an account with a big bank from age 3 when my parents opened it, watched unlimited accounts go from $5 to $8 to $15, enough of that, the only time I ever go to a branch is when the ATM is out of envelopes anyway :)

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