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Thursday Feb 23, 2017

CIBC Unveils New State of the Art Branch

28 February 2011

Today marks a big day for CIBC, with the opening of a new state of the art branch in the Symons Valley community. Calgary residents cannot bank and get financial advice six days a week at the new CIBC Creekside Banking Centre. This new 6,100 square-foot branch is located at the intersection Symons Valley Road and Symons Valley Parkway. It offers clients service in English, Mandarin, Punjabi, Cantonese, French, Bengali and Hindi.

To mark the opening of this new location, the CIBC Creedkside Banking Centre will be featuring time limited special offers and a draw for a Sony Home Entertainment Prize pack, which includes a 46” LCD TV and a Sony Blue Ray Home Theatre System or a $1,000 GIC.image004 CIBC Unveils New State of the Art Branch

What does this new branch offer?

The new state of the art CIBC branch is barrier free, with accessibility features such as a sit down teller station and two Automated Banking Machines (ABMs) installed at wheelchair accessible height with headphone hacks for audio access and grab bars for mobility assistance.

Rymal Terryberr interior CIBC Unveils New State of the Art Branch

The branch offers a drive thru ABM for added convenience.

Attridge Heal Saskatoon CIBC Unveils New State of the Art Branch

In all reality, this “state of the art branch” does not seem to offer as much as one might expect. Now I am not saying this without any facts; the new state of the art branches that both RBC and TD recently released offer far more technology in them and services.

How does this compare to the new RBC and TD branches?

The RBC branch offers state of the art interactive technology, such as Microsoft surface computers, which not only lets you browse products, but also calculate the amount of money placed on top of it and shows what you can earn if you invest it.

The RBC branch can be compared with an Apple Store in my opinion, because the technology being used, and the atmosphere is unlike what any other bank branch offers. More information on the RBC branch can be found here.

Compared to the new TD branch, we have longer hours, which now include TD being opened on Sundays; there are also digital displays throughout the branch which provides information about TD products and much more. The new TD branch offers much more than was CIBC is offering. More information on TD’s new branch can be found here.

CIBC does offer great services to their clients, however in comparison to both RBC and TD, it falls short. Personally, I feel that CIBC could have done more with their new branch, but that is just my opinion. It does offer accessibility to all clients, which is great and who knows, in the future they may start adding on more technology to the branch to make it more state of the art.

How do you feel about the new CIBC branch?

image source: CCTV Surveillance Signage

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toby Wrote:

A “state of the art” branch that offers virtually nothing new or interesting.

Sensei Wrote:

I do agree with you, especially when you look at what RBC and TD are offering in their revamped branches.

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