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Sunday Feb 26, 2017

The Ultimate List of Finance Bloggers on Twitter

2 February 2011

I have tried several tries to be more social with Twitter. I have set goals, put objectives and even banned all other social media platforms just to focus on Twitter. Each time I fail miserably and it didn’t bother me one bit. That is until my fellow Twitter friend @PoemedbyTony tweeted this:

PoemedByTony The Ultimate List of Finance Bloggers on Twitter

I was upset not because he called me out on being a poor Twitter user. I was upset that I let down a reader and he had to kick me in the butt. It isn’t that I don’t like Twitter, I actually love talking to other users. It’s just putting in the time for it, it becomes a bit difficult. I than looked at one of my favourite bloggers Jim Yih and saw what he was doing on Twitter @Jimyih. His remarks and communication with his readers is outstanding. I started looking around more and discovered there are a ton of great Canadian finance related Twitter addicts users out their.

I decided I’d showcase them and promote them to our readers. I only picked the best Twitter users, that are actively talking about finance and knowing what they are talking about. Some might be shocked I didn’t mention some big papers or finance magazines. The reason is because they aren’t active on Twitter. I have no grudge or enemies…online.

What do I hope of getting out of this? Simple. I hope mentioning all these Twitter users will force me to be more active on twitter.  Hopefully this piece will make our readers proud and hopefully I make new friends online from it.

The Finance Twitter User List

@Jimyih – Great guy, constantly talking to consumers and the finance community. Provides great information. Check out his new blog at

@krystalatwork – A 20-something personal finance blogger. She writes a kickass blog called Give Me Back My Five Bucks. Her posts are high quality and her commentors continue her work by providing a high level debate on each blog post.

@moneyville – Run by Adam Mayers for the Toronto Star. Adam tweets useful information and not only Toronto Star articles. Moneyville is a fantastic blog, providing a ton of awesome content.

@bigcajunman – His profile pic took me by surprise. But Big Cajun Man provides awesome information and has a great blog. He is one of my favourite bloggers.

@BalanceJunkie – She RTs a ton of finance articles and provides her users with great financial news. Looks like she updated the design of her site and it looks great.

@Marcyberg - she runs Mortgages4Women and tweets from @mortgages4women. She is always tweeting and a ton of fun to talk to.

@Larry_MacDonald – Blogger at Never talked to him before but he seems to be in the same boat I am in with Tweeting. I included him because he writes some great pieces. Larry I think you and I need to tweet more.

@rcarrick – How can I forget about Rob, he provides probably the best information for Canadians on anything Finance. I pretty much only read the Globe and Mail because of him. Rob if you ever want to guest post (even under an alias) or collborate on a project, send us an email.

@BoomerandEcho – They live in Lethbridge (small town in Alberta) a great town I have actually visited. More importantly they (mother and son personal finance blog) are actively on Twitter and communicating with users all the time.

@Matt_SF – a new blogger I just stumbled upon. Matt tweets constantly and creates high quality conversations. I just started reading some of his posts and they are terrific!

@taxresource – They obviously give some great tax resource information to users.

@FrugalTrader – another one of my favourite bloggers, though if you think I am bad at Tweeting. Frugal is even worse than me. That being said he provides so much value by just tweeting his own posts that he has to be put on this list. I still owe you a guest post!

@CEO_INGDirect – An actual CEO talking to his clients. That is pretty amazing and a great PR tool. Peter is down to earth and easy to talk to. Smart move on his part to join Twitter. Yes he does actually respond to tweets.

@JonChevreau – By far the the best Journalist who is actively on Twitter. The Wealthy Boomer is a terrific resource for Canadians.

@BuzzBuzzHome – We recently wrote a piece about Buzz Buzz Home. But man these guys are awesome and actively on Twitter.

@TheFinancialBloggerAwesome blogger and regularly tweets, don’t think he likes me (or more like doesn’t know me!)

@Elle_CM – Runs a blog for couples on how to manage money. Read a few articles, must admit I am pretty impressed.

@CanadianFinance – Tom Drake (a great guy) really helps the Canadian personal finance community. His site provides awesome information for Canadians, if you aren’t following him. Do it now.

@MoneyMatters – He might be American and not drink real beer (Bud Light is really just water). Money Matters is based in Minnesota and really is a ‘cross-border’ blog as it does provide a lot of great information. He also actively tweets and RTs.

@MoneySmartsBlog – Based here in Toronto, Money Smarts Blog is run by Mike Holman. An avid and social media addict, he is just about to hit 5,000 tweets. Most importantly, each tweet (the ones I see) are all high quality. None of that fluff bs.

@moneycrush – I might have a crush on this blog. Sweet logo. More importantly, Money Crush tweets a good chunk of the day, well the last 2 weeks she has.

@Momvesting – a small mom blog that just started (I think it just started) is a pretty active twitter user. I like the personality on this blog and the tweets are to the point.

@moneyhighway – one of my favourite bloggers. Has tweeted an impressive 8k times, I am a bit shocked he has only 1.7k followers (still large) he has a massive site that is rich in fantastic content. If you don’t know who Money Highway is, where have you been?

@wisebread & @centsiblelife – They are both run by Kelly Whalen. A terrific twitter addict (I say that as a compliment), she actively tweets and creates discussion! WiseBread definetly made a smart decision in having Kelly run the Twitter platform. Kelly you are awesome.

@investingthesis – is run by Arjun Rudra out of Vancouver (I hear it is pretty out their). Investing Thesis provides some useful information in the investing world.

@CdnCouchPotato – This one was tough, AWESOME resource but Dan tweets like once a week at best. He does RT (looks like through a feed…) a lot, so I gave him a pass. I just stumbled upon his blog today, I can’t stop reading his posts.

@Questrade – Ya I know, I was pretty shocked they tweet back to people also. I was expecting them to be stuck up and feel all high and mighty (seperate issue all together). But the person who is running the Twitter page is doing an awesome job. I like how they ask if a user needs help and actually tries to resolve the issue. Hats off to you.

@youngandthrifty – One of my favourite bloggers. Active community, great resource and run by a great girl. Honestly I have nothing bad to say at all. Definetly would love to replicate what she has done. icon smile The Ultimate List of Finance Bloggers on Twitter

@squawkfox – Another one of my favourite bloggers. Haven’t talked to Kerry Taylor who runs the blog before. She seems nice from her tweets and all her articles a pretty insightful. She also has a book (I hear it is good) I hope to get my hands on it soon.

@SuperStarSaver – Honestly, I think ING Direct does everything awesome on Social Media. They tweet back to you and actually create a conversation. They create a dialogue between users, I’d be shocked if they haven’t grabbed or secured a client (or a potential client) from their twitter account. ING Direct… do not let go of that person who is running that twitter account go.

@TalkCondo – Run by Amit & Roy who are Twitter Maniacs. Why? They have only been using Twitter for about 2 months and have amassed over 2k in tweets and over 1k in followers. They also provide some fantastic information on investing in the Condominium marketplace in Toronto.

@CCapitalist – Need a say more? His work has been featured and seen throughout the Personal Finance community. His work is fantastic and is a great Canadian Resource.

@ellenroseman – Honestly, Ellen might RT everything but she RT all the good stuff and her column is a favourite of mine.

@michaelrpiper – Mike writes books and is also Oblivious…. well technically he is an oblivious investor (That is his blog, I don’t make fun). Mike creates some rich user interaction with his readers and provides a lot of useful information for investors.

@MoneySmart – Run by a guy named Ben. More importantly his blog is awesome, very detailed and is a good Twitter user.

@CameronBWilson – He tweeted me and damn am I glad. He interacts very well with the users that are following him, he provides some useful knowledge.

@JennFowler – Jen is the best Twitter addict so far. 33k tweets (not sure how long) but still… 33k is insane. I like how she individually tweets everyone who tweets her (I think she tweets everyone). Check out her blog.

@FrugalZeitgeist – He is from Egypt and tweets about 5 times a day (ball park figure). I like the fact that he is just down to earth and easy going. Plus on top of it he is a graphics designer and his website Frugal Zeitgeist looks awesome.

@ArleneDickinson – She hasn’t replied to my tweets but it does look like she tweets to people. I just like Arlene, a no bs type of women who tells you how it is. More importantly, she is one heck of a smart cookie.

@TurboTaxCanada – They sure do respond to you. They are friendly and really try to help you out. I like these guys.

@flexo – Is managed by Luke Landes, who is also the creator of Consumerism Commentary based in New Jersey. He is a social media crack addict, but one hell of a good one.

@investment_blog – a new blog (I think but could be wrong) that is Canadian based and providing a ton of great information.

@Green_Panda – Yes another Canadian Personal Finance blog. The site has been around for just about a year and provides great information for college students or just about anyone in the 20 year age bracket.

@CMPmagazine – They don’t really tweet back to you but they do thank you for your RTs. They are also a great source of information on the mortgage industry.

@YQRmortgages – Mortgage specialists from the Regina area of Western Canada. I like the frank/blunt responses, to the point with no fluff.

@bargainr – awesome blog run out of Baltimore. You have to check out the blog

@fcn – Personal Finance blogger extraordinaire, his bio says it all and he runs one heck of a website at Five Cent Nickel

@ManVsDebt – Run by Adam Baker, probably one of the most popular personal finance blogs out on the web. Adam runs an awesome blog at

@OutOfYourRut – Run by Kevin, an avid blogger who is based in Atlanta GA. Home to peaches and awesome blog content.

Who Didn’t Make the Cut?

I wanted to add @preetbanerjee but he doesn’t tweet to others regularly. @MoneySenseMag is a rogers brand and it looks like they are trying to force old media into the online world. @hainsworthtv just talks about what he is doing on his show. @globemoney doesn’t interact at all, just spits out all of its articles (I find it funny when old media complains about new media). @fptradingdesk just spits out its articles, doens’t interact (or care about its readers?). @FinanceCanada run by the government, I think that states it all.

Did I miss anyone? Who else do you think should be part of this list?

About the Author

Bank Guru

My real name is Banking “Guru” Smith, yes my parents were bankers and believed that I one day would become a famous banker just like them. I enjoy a double-double coffee, super long lines at the grocery store and annoying CSR’s (Customer Service Representatives or more commonly known as ‘Tellers’). You will usually find me working behind the scenes, I let Sensei generate all the attention. I also forgot to mention that I invested in Madoff, think I will ever get my money back?

Comments (27 )

Jim Yih Wrote:

Hey Bank Guru! Thanks for including me on your list and the nice things you said.
What a great list! There’s a bunch of people on this list I need to check out! you rock!

Wow. You’ve compiled quite a list here and I’m so honoured to have made it. I found your comments on old media really compelling. I never really thought about it that way, but you made some fantastic points. Thanks!

Mike Holman Wrote:

Thanks a lot for including me on the list!

BTW – Squawfox is Kerry – not Kelly.

Great list, happy to be in it!

Joseph @ CPS Wrote:

This is a great list and has a few new names to me, coupled with a few favourites.  

It was also interesting to see who didn’t make the cut.  Social media is really about interaction and that’s what keeps people following.

Thanks for including me on a list of such outstanding bloggers, Tony. It looks like I’m about as far from Canada as anyone on this list!

Preet Wrote:

Yes, I’ve been on somewhat of an interaction and blogging hiatus since the start of Q42010. Hopefully I’m turning a corner and will qualify next year. ;)

Michael Jordan missed the cut from his highschool basketball team in his first year and look what…. yeah, that’s a bit of a stretch… :)

Bank Guru Wrote:

@Preet… We don’t mind helping you out and keep the engines moving with a guest post or we could help you with twitter :)

Your MJ comment reminds me of this video. Really motivating piece

LOL, I am pretty bad at tweeting. I’m more of the Tweet my post and thank others for RT type of user. :)

Thanks for the mention!

Bank Guru Wrote:

You have a big site, it is hard to be everywhere and doing everything. I’m sure you could get more traffic if you focused on twitter a bit.

Danika Wrote:

You didn’t include GailVazOxlade. Love her. 

Did you leave me off the list because I’m American!?

Actually, I follow lots of people on this list, and they all tweet more than me. I wish I had an interesting enough life to have more than one or two things to say per day.

Great list, thanks for compiling.

Ben Wrote:

It would be cool if there was a tool that would compare your list against who we’re following and highlight those that we’re not.

Anyhow, thanks for the inclusion!

SavingMentor Wrote:

Great list you’ve compiled there! I’m also a Canadian personal finance writer, but I do end to focus primarily on saving money. I don’t always have a high level of interaction on twitter but I’m definitely interested in growing and interacting with my twitter followers.

Stephanie Wrote:

I blog about personal finance, but I’m not always tweeting about it!  But if you do think I’m worthy of the list, I’m @stephtheblogger.

Great list, still!  I definitely follow a lot of these people!

Oscar Cardozo Wrote:

I heard about you through Peter Aceto.. started reading your posts, and enjoyed them! Thanks.

As well, I Want to invite you to visit our blog: it is in Spanish, and readers are Canadians and future Canadians whose mother tongue is.. obviously, Spanish :)


hugeee list you got there! Honoured to be included…..although I don’t know why all these people are following me…..:)

woow huge list you got here…well done! Honoured to be mentioned with these great people…..although I don’t understand why 1.7K people are following me :)

Great list – and a few new ones I’ll be checking out. Check out @B4UInvest when you get a chance. :)

Lisa Ashton Wrote:

Thanks so much for creating this list. I have just started teaching courses to families called “Budgeting You Way To Financial Success” and always appreciate more information. To everyone who tries to make a difference in the lives of others…stand up and take a bow!

@commoncentsmom was missed..I do post on how to save money.

For being excluded, we’re going to write some fluff and call it Bank Nerd love da’ Fluff. ;)
Kidding! Good list.

Ross Taylor Wrote:

A great list thanks – I too see a few “new names” I want to check out. Perhaps some of you could add me to your list of finance bloggers. My twitter account is barely a month old, but the blog ( has been around in one form or another for over a year – a fair amount of material – much of it written in original story format. Any feedback from any one of you who reads this would be very much appreciated. Thanks Ross (ROssTaylorMoney on Twitter)

Stocktips Wrote:

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nitin Wrote:

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MCXTips Wrote:

This is one of the best list, i always like to read such posts, while i was reading this post, i got many new ideas to make more money, this is the reason that i daily check this post to regular updates.

Sensei Wrote:

Always nice to hear positive comments! Glad to hear you enjoy this article :)

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