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Monday Jan 23, 2017

Methods Used to Acquire Credit Card Information

13 January 2011

3027534098 f568868b9e b 150x150 Methods Used to Acquire Credit Card InformationIt has been some time since I have written; like BankGuru previously mentioned, I have been under the weather for some time. I have slowly gotten better, and am at the point where I can communicate with you guys again.

Happy New Year to all BankNerd readers, and I hope you had a great holiday season. To start off the New Year, I figured sharing an interesting article would be in the right direction.

While on my absence I came across an interesting article on Gizmodo; the article consisted of how people can steal your credit or debit card PIN without you even noticing it.

When we go to an ATM to withdraw money, we never stop to think that there is something wrong with it. I mean you take the necessary precautions; you cover your hand while typing your pin to avoid any unwanted gazes or even hidden cameras.

What else can happen?

As technology advances, fraudsters are continuing to improve on the equipment they use. What I found interesting in the article on Gizmodo is that one of the new technology fraudsters are using is a fake keyboard that looks exactly like the original keyboard. This fake keyboard is placed on top of the ATM’s keyboard, which can make it impossible to detect.

With that said, it causes the victim to interact normally with the ATM, causing the fraudster to capture your credit or debit card PIN in real time.

There are other pieces of technology that fraudsters can use to capture credit and debit card information.

In another Gizmodo article, it revealed a credit card skimmer that was found, which secretly scans your account information and PIN number, which then sends it wirelessly to the fraudster. What is amazing with this credit card skimmer is that it fits over the credit card reader, making it look like there is nothing wrong with the ATM’s machine. The credit card skimmer used featured a tine pinhole camera that recorded the victim’s PIN as they punched it into the keypad.

What can you do to protect yourself?

As it stands, the methods being used can go unnoticed for quite some time. Like I said, the ATM keyboard, and credit card skimmer fit on top of the ATM’s actual hardware, which makes it nearly impossible to notice. Unless you know what you are looking for, then maybe you stand a chance at preventing yourself from being scammed.

In my opinion there is an easy solution to these methods of fraud, that is to say you keep a constant eye on your account transactions. You may want to check your account balance every few days, especially after you visit an ATM.

Now that you are aware of these methods people are using to get your credit and debit card information, take a few seconds to inspect the ATM you are using. You never know, maybe someone tampered with it. At times you may feel you are wasting your time, but it is better safe that sorry.

The articles referenced were “ATM Card Skimmers Are Getting Frighteningly Sophisticated” and “This ATM Keyboard Will Steal Your Card PIN and You’ll Never Notice It”.

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