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Monday Jan 23, 2017

TD Waterhouse Launches Global Trading

16 September 2010

td waterhouse logo 150x100 TD Waterhouse Launches Global TradingTD Waterhouse Discount Brokerage has recently introduced Global Trading, making it the first platform of its kind in Canada. Global Trading provides direct online access to exchanges in 10 countries, allowing investors to have real time access to leading European and Asia Pacific markets.

This powerful new platform will be able to provide Canadians with the speed and control that they need to diversify their investments and maximize their returns. John See, President, TD Waterhouse Discount Broker said that with their Global Trading Platform, Canadian investors are now able to act on these investment opportunities online.

What can investors do with Global Trading?

With Global Trading, investors can access 10 Global Markets; investors can trade on the London, Sydney, Brussels, Paris, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Milan, Singapore and Madrid exchanges.

Investors can trade in the currency of their choice, this includes the British Pound, Euro, Australian Dollar, Amsterdam, Singapore and Madrid exchanges. This brings the total of seven currencies investors can settle trades in.

In addition to the above, investors can pay a flat fee for most global trades. Most trades in international markets can be placed for a low flat rate. Investors can also access international research to make informed investment decisions. Investors will have access to investment data, which includes company research, international research, real time market data and charting capabilities from markets around the world.

What I find great about Global Trading is that you can receive live support 24/7; TD Waterhouse Global Trading Specialists will be able to answer questions from investors and assist with trades in 4 different languages. This is great, you can have help with your trades at any time of the day, giving you the peace of mind knowing you can always have someone to assist you when you need it.

How do you gain access to Global Trading?

To access Global Trading, you have to go through WebBroker. Investors require a personal, single or joint TD Waterhouse Discount Brokerage cash or margin account with WebBroker access.

With this the World is your Trading Floor, you will be able to build a truly diversified portfolio through one trading platform.

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