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Tuesday Feb 21, 2017

The Best Financial Websites for Canadians

21 June 2010

It has taken some time folks, but it has been done. After long nights searching the internet, going through dozens of websites, I have finally been able to complete a list of  25 Canadian Finance Websites.

The websites listed below have been aimed to help you get the best experience out of your finances. Some websites will list ways to help you out of debt, while others try to get you following a plan to help you retire on time.

These websites are all fantastic, and deserve your time to be spent on each one of them.

Without any further delay, let us now move on to the list of Canadian Finance Websites.

Canada Personal Finance Website

This website has been created by the award winning author of A Dawn is a City University of New York Economics graduate. The information on this website focuses on a variety of topics from a Canadian perspective. You will find the focus on investing, loans, RRSP, RESP, Credit Cards and much more. I particularly enjoyed was “How Credit Card Calculates Interests”, this article explains how to calculate your credit card’s interest very easily and can assist any beginner.

canadian personal finance wbesite The Best Financial Websites for Canadians

As you can tell from the website’s name, this particular website aims to help you understand Canadian tax and other financial information. On the homepage of the website, you attention is instantly hooked by the statement “If you want to be retired at 50, read this!!”. You will find in that section information on what you should be doing, and at the end resources you can use to help you plan your finances.

taxtips The Best Financial Websites for Canadians

Canadian Capitalist

This has to be one of the best websites around for Canadian finances. You have an amazing source of information of  for practically any of your needs. By visiting this website, you will immediately find yourself immersed in articles concerning investing, planning your future, and much more. I recently read an interesting article, “The real secret of the rich” [written by David Aston], and it is definitely something everyone should consider reading.

canadiancap The Best Financial Websites for Canadians

Credit Card Tune-up

This particular website was chosen because it will help you compare credit cards depending on your spending habits on a monthly basis. It is a great tool to use when you are deciding on a credit card, and wish to narrow down the search.

credittuneup The Best Financial Websites for Canadians

Four Pillars now known as MoneySmartsBlog

Money Smarts Blog [previously known as Four Pillars] is a great finance website to help you in the areas of investing, real estate and personal finance. The authors provide in depth information on these topics from their experiences, and from this you can take what you learn and apply to your own lives. A recent article titled “Tracking Finances” gives information on what you may want to do to help track your finances, and what the author does to track their finances.

moneysmart The Best Financial Websites for Canadians

Canadian Finance Blog

A great personal finance blog which gives you various personal finance and consumer concerns, stories, examples, all made to help you in your personal finances. The author has been featured in an article in the Globe and Mail highlighting his success in the financial world, and his website is definitely one that should not be overlooked.

I particularly enjoyed the article “Improve Your Credit Rating in 5 Easy Steps”; the article got to the point, and gave a great explanation on how to accomplish the task at hand.

canadianfinanceblog The Best Financial Websites for Canadians

Million Dollar Journey

Million Dollar Journey is a great personal finance website that aims to build wealth through saving and investing. The articles found on the website educate you on personal finance and investing. A really great post was “Claiming Extended Warranty with Your Credit Card”, it is informative and gets to the point. You will not have to look no further if you have been wondering how to go about this topic.

milliondollar The Best Financial Websites for Canadians

A Dawn Journal

This website has been created by the award winning author of A Dawn is a City University of New York Economics graduate. This particular blog is aimed towards personal finance, investing, entrepreneurship and more. You are going to find extensive knowledge in this blog from the author’s education and personal experience. This is a great blog with a variety of subjects, which will leave you wanting to read more.

The article titled “How to Raise Financially Responsible Kids”, it is great to see an article aimed to help parents teach their kids to be financially responsible.

dawn The Best Financial Websites for Canadians

Canadian Money Advisor

The Canadian Money Advisor has been around since 2005 assisting Canadians in understanding their money and personal finance since 2005. The topics range, but they all inform the reader, which serves the purpose of this website. It is a great source of information if you ever find yourself unsure about your financial situation.

canadian money advisor The Best Financial Websites for Canadians

Canadian Money Review

This particular website is great for giving an opinion on a variety of topics. I particularly enjoy how the author  voices his/her opinion. Only downside is that it is not updated too frequently, which can leave its readers wanting more.

canadian money The Best Financial Websites for Canadians

Where Does All My Money Go

Rated as one of the top 5 personal finance blogs by BNN and the Globe and Mail in  2009, this  blog is a great source of information for investors. It gives some insight into the market and gives great opinions that should not be missed.

I recently read an article titled “Credit Card Balance Protection Insurance Costs You Even if You Pay Off Your Balance”, which gave great information as to why having this when your balance. Read it and be enlightened.

wheredoesallthemoney go The Best Financial Websites for Canadians

The Wealthy Boomer

The Wealthy Boomer is a great blog which gives you great advice in concerns to personal finance, investing and much more. It is affiliated with the Financial Post, and you can always find an article that grabs your interest.

wealthyboomer The Best Financial Websites for Canadians

Squawk Fox

The author is Kerry Taylor, a British Columbia resident which covers travel, household budgeting, resume tips and much more. It goes hand in hand with personal finance and give advice and tips to save, plus her own experience.

I particularly enjoyed the article “Track your Money with the Free Budget Spreadsheet”, it gave advice on how to use the budget spreadsheet provided, with the aim of you tracking your spending and hopefully save more in the future.

squawkfox The Best Financial Websites for Canadians

The Money Gardner

This website specializes in personal finance and investing; it pays close attention to the stock market giving the authors insight into the market. You can find many articles on a different company, particular to what is in the author’s portfolio.

digging The Best Financial Websites for Canadians

The Dividend Guy

The goal of the Dividend Guy is to create a portfolio of strong companies that will continue to increase their dividends on a yearly basis, with the purpose of providing a source of passive income upon his retirement. Definitely not a bad idea, and as such he writes  many posts concerning investing and portfolio building. This is a great source of information for any investor, especially those who are new and wish to learn.

dividend guy The Best Financial Websites for Canadians

Financial Highway

“Your highway to Financial Freedom”, love how that sounds, and that is what the author tends to deliver in his posts. You will find many posts concerning credit cards, real estate, and much more. I particularly enjoyed the post “6 Areas of Consideration for your Financial Health”. The information was concise and gave great reasoning for each area of consideration.

financial highway The Best Financial Websites for Canadians

Canadian Financial DIY

This website gives DIY analysis and assessments of investing, ETFs, portfolio and asset allocation, book reviews and much more. The articles get straight to the point, are and covers personal investing and financial issues.

canadian finance DIY The Best Financial Websites for Canadians

Young and Thrifty

This particular blog is aimed to generation y; the reason the author started this blog was because it seemed that the average generation y guy or girl did not know what an RRSP is. The author plans on educating generation Y through topics such as saving, personal finance, investing and much more.

young and thrifty The Best Financial Websites for Canadians

Give me my Five Bucks

This is a personal finance blog, and the posts tend to be related to the author’s finances in every day life. What I particularly like about this blog is the articles where the author gives a breakdown of  her pay and her monthly expenses; she explains where her money went and what she did with the rest of her money at the end of the month. I also enjoyed reading “May 2010 Monthly Goals”, where the author goes into depth where her money will be going for the month.

give me back The Best Financial Websites for Canadians

Balance Junkie

The website’s author decided to create Balance Junkie in order to share what she has learned over the years about personal finance, economics, investing and balance in life. Balance Junkie helps you find a better balance in money and in your life.

One of the best posts I have read in a while is “5 Investing Challenges for the Next Decade”, which gave great foresight for what is to come into investing, also the challenges brought up are also double edged swords.

balance junkie The Best Financial Websites for Canadians

Ending the Rat Race

This blog was officially launched in September 2008 by a young investor and entrepreneur who is motivated to retire and thus end the rat race at a young age. The topics covered topics on credit cards, investing and much more. Great source of information and definitely a website that should not be missed.

An article I enjoyed reading was “RESPs for Children?”, it gave great information as to the disadvantages and advantages of having an RESP, also a few alternatives you may want to consider.

ending the rat race The Best Financial Websites for Canadians

Canadian Dream: Free at 45

The author of this blog has decided that he ants to retire by his 45th birthday. This blog gives great insight for those who are aiming for an early retirement, and how the author of the blog plans on reaching his early retirement.

I enjoyed reading the article “Playing the Stock Market”, it game great insight of the author’s experience in playing the stock market and relating the experience to gambling. Interesting article, and loved the point of view and how he related everything.

canadian dream The Best Financial Websites for Canadians

The Simple Dollar

The Simple Dollar is an exploration of personal finance from a perspective of one man who realized that he needed to get a grip on his money. Through his experience he helps people gain a proper standing in their financial situation as they fight debt and bad spending habits. Trent’s 14 Money Rules is a great source of basic knowledge on how one should manage their money, I love Rule #1: Spending Less Than you Earn, and completely agree with the rule and agree it is something people tend to not follow.

simple dollar The Best Financial Websites for Canadians

Colourful Money

Colourful money is a Canadian personal finance blog that shares personal finance tips on helping Canadians achieve financial independence in any economic climate. There are man useful tips in this website, which can help you improve your financial standing.colourful money The Best Financial Websites for Canadians

The Financial Blogger

The Financial Blogger is an interesting site, it offers great input into personal finance. The author, Mike, first started blogging as a means to improve his English writing skill and he decided to share his experience in the financial industry with everyone. The website is a joint project with his friend Pierre, and they both want to share information with everyone about personal finance.

An interesting article is “What is Your Relationship with Money?”, I love how Mike takes money and relates it to real life relationships. Definitely something everyone should read.
TFB The Best Financial Websites for Canadians

The best of the best. Did we miss anyone? Think someone should be on this list that isn’t?

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My favorite weapon of choice is the samurai sword. I use it to cut my chicken during dinner, cut my hair and periodically carve my name into stone when I am bored. I love meditating on top of a 15ft high pole and eating those sushi’s with smoked salmon on top. I love everything there is about Canada and everything financially related to Canadians. I write deily posts from Canadian Banks to Credit Card information.

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Miranda Wrote:

Thank you for mentioning my article on Financial Highway!

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It was a great article! Sensei and I really enjoyed it

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Thanks for the mention ( and Much appreciated.

Thanks for including Balance Junkie with all of these great sites!

Thanks for the mention Sensei!

Bank Guru Wrote:

Thank you all for providing great quality content for Canadian consumers. I was just reading a tweet from yycmortgageguy on Twitter. He said “We need more Cdn perspective online” and all these sites above help Canadians. Keep up the good work!

Thanks for the mention- this is great! I like how you have a mini-view of the blog pages =)

Hey! thx for including my site on your list!

Thanks for including my blog in your list and your kind words. I should point out though that I am not the author of the article you linked to.

Impressive list, Bank Guru. You helped me discover a new blog (@Colourful Money). One question, how come you have a strike through Balance Junkie’s website?

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@Arjun… the link broke when we updated a feature, It has been fixed now :)

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How come you didn’t mention Gail Vaz-Oxlade’s website? She’s got a lot of great info and deals with a bunch of issues no one else talks about. I’m a little surprised.

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We like Gail Vaz-Oxlande’s website also. She provides some great information (secretly a huge fan). We just didn’t want the list above to be heavily leaning towards personal finance sites. We wanted to mention some smaller sites that deserve a mention.

Our sister site ( plans on creating a big list of “The Ultimate Personal Finance Websites on the Web”.

If you talk to Gail, tell her we like her and we always look forward to her blog posts. Is she penning a new book?

I like Gail’s blog too! She covers some excellent topics. She even has a TV show…in which i hear “money money money money money money money money money!” in my head all the time =) She is a big site, and she’s well known, that’s for sure.

Ann Wrote:

Wow! I can’t believe you didn’t list the Investor Education Fund’s website: A non-profit organization offering a ton of great tools and resources for the average Canadian online with no advertising! Here, you get the info without the sell! Very helpful.

JP (The Rat) Wrote:

I know I’m late but i genuinely appreciate listing my site on your list.

Thanks again,

Bank Guru Wrote:

@JP yes, just a bit late but don’t worry we have something new to show the PF world real shortly, that you will enjoy.

Kimberly Wrote:

Useful post to know. thanks for the info

Frank Wrote:

I came across and they saved me a ton on my mortgage. They provide an independent comparison of brokers and banks. Consider them for your list next year.

Hope we can make this list someday!

Alex Hung Wrote:

Both the blog and the comments are informative about the favorite Canadian financial blogs! Thanks to the author and the comments.
Keep up the good work.

Ron Wrote:

I like Gail’s site, it is truly hard to believe how some people do not know how much they spend per month.

John Wrote:

I agree that all of the sites noted above are very good but a particular favorite of mine is “Canadian Capitalist”.

This site has a wide variety of topics including mortgages, credit cards and bank rates, only to mention a few. The people who write the articles have done a fair amount of research and seem to have an unbiased opinion on each topic.

In addtion to this the people who are making comments seem to be quite interested and have a good understanding of the subject. Take a look at the article called ” The pros and cons of Costco”, this blog and the comments tell you exactly how to get the best value from shopping at Costco. Even I was not aware of some options that are availible to consumers.

Also, as noted above in various comments Gail Vaz-Oxlade’s site is very popular but I feel that the quality provided by Canadian Capitalist is superior.

Shawn Wrote:

I read the earlier post regarding Gail vaz oxlade not appearing on the list, but I can’t say this list represents the best financial websites without her blog being included. Everything from budgeting to dealing with banks. I think it was a huge miss.

Will Wrote:

Gone through almost all of these websites and they all are great resources for Canadians. Good job putting them all together!

Shiraz Wrote:

Great list of sites there. Thanks for sharing.

Peter Wrote:

Excellent list but you may want to add For unbiased mortgage information there is probably no better source in Canada IMHO.

Sensei Wrote:

thanks for the kind words and input, I will be sure to place it into consideration for the 2012 edition.

Rylan Wrote:

I will be sure to pass the info on to others willing to learn :)

CMA Wrote:

You did a great research here. I hope that you maintain this list in future.

Ok I might seem like a fish out of water on this site because I am an Artist. Most artist do not learn about financial matters, and they certainly don’t learn about business in art school. Art is a business and though it may be different from the mainstream business and financial world I believe the art world is similar, after all art is an investment. I look forward to learning something on this site. Being Canadian it appeals to me very much.

Catherin Meyers -Artist

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