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Sunday Feb 26, 2017

Interesting Banking Facts

31 May 2010
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While browsing the Internet, I came a across an interesting article on The Financial Brand; the article I am speaking about is “Datahead: Online, mobile & internet facts”.

This is a fantastic article because it visually gives interesting facts about banking.

A few of these facts you will find yourself saying “I knew that much” or “I am among that percentage”, which is something I found myself saying a few times while reading the article.

The Nitty Gritty Stats

One of the most interesting facts I thought, was that 76% of online banking users have visited a branch in the last 90 days; which can also mean an online banking user may not go to the bank for as long as 90 days. There are 68% of online banking users, which have visited an ATM, and another 37% have contacted a call center. It is fascinating to see actual figures showing what online banking users do. Information was gathered through the Forbes 2010 ForeSee Online Financial Services Study.

In the same study done by Forbes, it was revealed that 25% of people do not realize that their bank has mobile banking, and of the 75% who do know, only half use the service. When you think about it, it comes at no surprise, particularly because not everyone uses a smartphone capable of handling mobile banking, and then there are others who could care less about mobile banking altogether.

What I found most surprising in the article was that 29% of people have not enrolled in online bill pay because they are actually worried about security. When a bank creates their website, they go through extraordinary measures to ensure your security, giving you the peace of mind of not having to worry about security. The only security issue you can have at this point is who knows your password to your account. For those who are paranoid about security, there are several precautions you can take. Among them, the most obvious one is having a password only you know, and what people may not do is only use your personal computer to check your online banking. By taking away the variable of using multiple computers, you have increased your security and it should be able to give you some added peace of mind. The information was gathered through ComScore “State of Online Banking” Report 2010.

There are many more facts which can be found at The Financial Brand’s article “Datahead: Online, mobile & internet facts”.. Take a look at it, and be amazed by some of the results you will find.

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