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Monday Jan 23, 2017

TD Saves the Day

10 November 2009

td logo2 150x150 TD Saves the DayIt has been a long time coming, but here is a rant that contains both good and bad information on a bank many of you know about, Toronto-Dominion Bank (TD).

My friend, “Mr. X” went in to his local TD branch and made his monthly deposit of his paycheck, and told the teller what he usually does, “pay off his entire visa”.

He carries a low balance, and figures it is a good idea to pay it off monthly, and does so accordingly.

This time, when he went to deposit his cheque, apparently did not hear him say pay off his visa. From what I was told, the teller smirked, and said he heard nothing but he knew how to pay off the visa.

How did he pay off the visa? Simple, he took all the money in his chequing account, and savings account to combine the entire amount owed on the visa. The entire amount ladies and gentlemen was around $500.

Mr. X realized what the teller did, argued with him and was told nothing can be done.

Now it was the teller’s mistake, especially since if you looked at Mr. X’s history the past few months, the cheques he has been depositing has been used in the exact way.

Mr. X walked out furiously, called a friend who worked at another bank and was told what to say and do. He walked in fuming and once he started the talking, the new teller he talked to was extremely nice about the problem, corrected it and released all of his funds that were placed on hold.

I will not go as far as to say that it is a hit or miss with TD tellers, however in this case it was. In the end he got what he wanted, plus a little more, so overall Mr. X was quite happy at the end of his banking experience.

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