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Credit Card Match 14: RBC Visa Infinite Avion VS NBC Platinum MasterCard

9 November 2009

Untitled2 150x150 Credit Card Match 14: RBC Visa Infinite Avion VS NBC Platinum MasterCardAs we have come upon the final stages of the Travel Credit Card Matches, we can look forward to seeing the remaining matches to be the best out of them all, especially since the credit cards left, are the best of the best.

As usual, the winner will be decided from three categories; who offers the best rewards program, who offers the most travel benefits and who offers the best travel bonuses.

The RBC Visa Infinite Avion starts things off by offering 1 RBC Reward Point for every $1 spent. You also earn 1.25 RBC Reward Points when you use the RBC Visa Infinite Avion for travel.

The NBC Platinum MasterCard counters by offering 1.5 points for every $1 spent. With the NBC Platinum MasterCard, the first 11,000 points will give you $100 off travel; 50,000 points will give you $500 and from 50,000 points, every additional 10,000 will get your $100 off travel.

The NBC Platinum MasterCard wins this category on the fact that you are able to constantly earn more points despite what you spend on.

For both contestants, the travel benefits provided are the same. Trip interruption insurance, flight delay insurance, out of country/ province emergency medical insurance are all offered. The reason the NBC Platinum MasterCard wins is that the RBC Visa Infinite Avion only provides coverage of 15 days for people up to age 64, and 3 days for people 64 and over. The NBC Platinum MasterCard offers coverage for 60 days for 54 and under; 31 days for 55 – 64; and 15 days for 65-74.

Moving onto the last category on which credit card offers the best travel bonus; we have the RBC Visa Infinite Avion offering 15,000 RBC Reward Points bonus.

The NBC Platinum MasterCard brings an additional plane ticket with the purchase of a full fare ticket to Paris, London, or Orlando.

You cannot beat a free ticket; therefore the winner of this category is the NBC Platinum MasterCard.

With this all said, we have come to a conclusion of this match, the winner of today’s match is the NBC Platinum MasterCard.

Look forward to the last semi-finals match next week.

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