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Sunday Feb 26, 2017

Ally Bank TV Commercials

14 October 2009

ally bank truck kid 150x150 Ally Bank TV CommercialsThe Ally bank which we recently did a review on also has been pushing a TV and Online video campaign.

The review we did on the bank is right here. What are your views on the new bank? Smart decision on GMAC re-branding itself?

Below are the videos:

Ally Bank Hide Commercial


Ally Bank Egg Commercial

This commercial aired a few weeks before and after Easter.

Ally Bank Truck Commercial

This is by far the best one. The best line in the commercial is when the kid gets the cardboard cut out and says “this is a piece of junk”.

Ally Bank Pony Commercial


Ally Bank Bike Commercial


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Bank Guru

My real name is Banking “Guru” Smith, yes my parents were bankers and believed that I one day would become a famous banker just like them. I enjoy a double-double coffee, super long lines at the grocery store and annoying CSR’s (Customer Service Representatives or more commonly known as ‘Tellers’). You will usually find me working behind the scenes, I let Sensei generate all the attention. I also forgot to mention that I invested in Madoff, think I will ever get my money back?

Comments (44 )

q Wrote:

i think these ads are dreadful and poor taste, i actually waited through the ad to find the name so i could voice my discontent.
my book club feels the same (14 people), my ski group feels the same (23 people) and talking to friends the feeling is the same both 40 year olds and 50 year olds. We decided your name is associated with bad vibes.

Bank Guru Wrote:

These are Ally Bank’s new TV commercials. They were designed as a way to push their new brand away from their old tarnished brand (GMAC).

I find the truck video rather funny…

MJMoloney Wrote:

I have never seen such horrible and disgusting ads anywhere. If it even comes near to the screen I ditch it as soon as possible. I’m a Mother and a Grandmother of 4 young children. I have queried all my friends and they all agree that whoever dreamed up such a sadistic ad should be drowned.

I thought you wanted customers!! What a turnoff

Sensei Wrote:

MJMoloney… You are the third person today who told me they hated these ads. It always came down to the kids…

vassil Wrote:

Why is everyone so upset over these ads? they are freakin hilarious

Ned Wrote:

These Ally ads are disgusting, using those little kids to make a point is sadistic. When they come on my TV I change channels right away……

judy mccann Wrote:

Hate your ads/ teasing kids to make a point? Disgusting!!!!

ev Wrote:

These ads are bulling in the true sense. I would never deal with your company. You must have ad writers who have some imtelligence and sense of what is ehtically correct. The newset one with the egg hunt and ice cream are very cruel and show nothing but disrespect for children.

cv Wrote:

These ads are absolutely disgusting and to treat children that way make me ill. Everytime the ads comes on TV I change the channel. You should be ashamed to show such a thing who
ever your advertiser or designers are they need to be checked out because they have a warped mind. The parents of these children should be concerned allowing these people around there children.

Bank Guru Wrote:

It seems people either really love these ads and find it hilarious or people absolutely hate these ads with a complete passion.

Hopefully Ally Bank is taking note…

mary Wrote:

I think the commercials are cute and really expresses my frustration with automated answering machines, and fine print even the NASA telescopes couldnt read, but u guys made a blooper….the commercial where the little girl wants to play with the toys and the man with the doll tell her to say 1 for Broccoli or 2 for toys…

well she says toys…and the machine is right it cant process her request…she is the one who looks stupid…she didnt say the right thing…she was told to say 2….the better way would be for her to say 2 then the man sorry i did not understand please say…….. and repeat all the instructions thats what really happens…AND ITS Aggravating …

william esaw Wrote:

WILIAM ESAW April 30, 2010 at 11:14 am
If this is the same bank that is shown in commercials with that idiot abusing children in those idiotic ads, I feel that the board of directors and seniors who authorize such garbage should all be turfed! Those ads are the most sickening waste of shareholder’s funds and of our TV viewing time, seeing ‘any adult co-ercing innocent children by bribery’ hence the one young boy who said it right ‘this is junk’. The adult is the ‘jerk’! Most banks (banks) even the worst have never lowered themselves and their (credibility) in such crap, hopefully to end soon!
The CEO should ask his grandsons to approve. WJE.

Bink Wrote:

LOVE the ads! Please make more!

maryam Wrote:

the ads are not only cute and entertaining, they are also so creative…the ads are giving the message that when it comes to dealing with financial institutions, people are like innocent kids…and this bank treats its customers differently.

Arash Wrote:

So love the ads! especially the boy and truck, the egg management fee and the Neweeer…

Allie919 Wrote:

Oh please. Grandmothers, mothers, fairy godmothers. . . do you honestly think these children don’t know what is going to happen during this and how well they are going to be compensated? They are actors. That’s what actors do. If you want to feel sorry for children being exploited, go off on Kate + Eight.

Airick Wrote:

Allie919 you are wrong, well somewhat. some are actors and some are not. Google it! the boy with the truck is an actor while the pony girl is not. Doesn’t matter though, they are told in the end that it’s for a commercial and do get paid for it and probably very well too. Maybe people should be more worried about the sick movies that they are comming out with that kids are seeing rather then these commercials. ex. american pie, jack@ss, bruno, kick@ss….and the list goes on….they might not see them in the theatre but they will see them off the net or rent them. It’s sick, I truely believe the world is going in the wrong direction when it comes to movies like these….off topic I know but these commercials aren’t that bad compared to other stuff!

ev Wrote:

Please take that ad with the kids and ice cream off. Everytime I see the first boy ask for ice cream and be refused it I get a sick feeling . The look on his face is that of a child being bullied and unable to defend himself. You are the bully and the smug kid who gets the ice cream is one too! Find a different way to adverise. I would never even cross your door!

Joe Wrote:

You nay-sayers need to lighten up, these commercials are hilarious. Oh, and in case it makes you feel better, Leo didn’t actually die at the end of Titanic. Just his character. They used special effects to make it *look* like he died. So he didn’t die. Just like how Ally didn’t actually give the girl a pony and didn’t actually keep a kid from getting ice cream. It’s called hyperbole.

Bank Guru Wrote:

One could argue Ally Bank has made a successful ad. The ad has drummed up either a lot of support or many angry individuals. A lot of people say “there is no such thing as bad press”…

Herbert F.Schwarz Wrote:

These are disgusting Ads, Bullying Kids by Adults,is this what the Corporation supports ? I personnally would not have any dealing with Ally Bank after seeing these Ads.

Allison Wrote:

You people criticizing the commercials are idiots. Go look on youtube and ally has it’s own channel. All the children, I repeat ALL the children were paid actors. I know for a fact as I helped in the filming. There’s also a behind the scenes video on the youtube. Realize it’s because Ally is taking banking in a new direction and your current bank is treating you like children. Great commercials…oh, and we’re definitely making more so look for them.

Sally Wrote:

I hate these commercials, and after checking online I’ve learned that in order to get “real” reactions, the kids don’t know they’re filming a commercial until afterwards.   The honest reactions of hurt are not something anyone with a  heart should want to watch.  I agree with other posters that the ice cream one is the worst.  Until I finally rewound one to determine what product was being sold, I didn’t notice or remember that fact…and since product identification would seem to be the goal, it appears that the commercials aren’t even particularly successful.  All I’ve really learned from the ads is that the company is willing to abuse children in order to gain customers.  The ice cream ad should be removed.  It is painful to watch.  Were I looking for a bank, I would NOT use this one.

Stephen Martin Wrote:

These ads do not abuse or disrespect children.
They are a metaphor for how banks actually treat customers as though they were naive, gullable, manipulable and powerless.

Ally Guy Wrote:

egg management fee *wink and gun*

Ray Wrote:

The commercials are absolutely brilliant.  And if ING Direct didn’t thumb the brick and mortar banks first (where I have my accounts), then I would be an Ally customer based on these commercials alone.  Well done!

Brad Wrote:

Who is so literal that they can’t see that the ad is protraying big banks as treating customers like children – and further to that – taking advantage of our innocence – it is a metaphor. See Stephen Martin’s comment. I cant believe that some comments are from people who actually believe that the children are being abused and that the commerials are about bullying children. I am sure that comments are from people who can’t define the word metaphor.

Doug Wrote:

If Ally treats kids this way how would they treat adults and their money. Ditch the Grinch and keep the kids. I would not place a dime with Ally

Steve Wrote:

Its funny that it seems that some people just don’t get it. 
As “poorly” as the kids are treated (like they didn’t get treated very well afterwards as well as assuming that they don’t know its for a commercial) why is it that no one really sees that this is the exact way that banks treat YOU as a customer? 
Ally opened up in Canada and I’ve opened an account with them. I am very happy with the way they do business. 

nora berkhout Wrote:

I hope this comment gets where I want it to go. the TV ad is appalling. Yiur use …I repeat ..use.. of unsuspecting children in your silly ad will encourage me to never desal with people like you. Look up the word..”bulyy” and see if it rings a bell…Ugh

Mona Wrote:

The “Ally Egg” commercial has been going on since Easter 2010, through Christmas, and now looking like it will run right through to Easter 2011! I hope the “mean banker” is sick of eating those those chocolate eggs, by now. I know I am sick of watching that same commercial repeated over and over again. One of the reasons I would not even consider doing my banking with that company.

zizi Wrote:

I LOVE Ally commercials, all of them…so funny and inteligent.

Barry Dennison Wrote:

The only reason why some are writing it’s funny, is to counter those who object.

The ads are offensive and I denounce your advertising method. End it now.

Randy Wrote:

These commercials are BRILLIANT!! I can’t believe the sour busy bodies on this site who are so offended. Lighten up! The truck ad and the pony ad are 2 of the best commercials out there. I actually would do my banking with these guys because they are cool and unconventional. The kids are adorable. Good job.

And everyone I know who has seen these ads on bnn thinks they are great.

Kelley Wrote:

Anyone else hear an axe grinding in the backround on some of these responses? Funny how all the “haters” use similar language and make similar spelling mistakes LOL.
Love these commercials :)

martin van weert Wrote:

There is no way that the visual impact of bullying children can be overcome by any vocal or visual
message featuring the ALLY bank name. Your bully is the prominent representative of ALLY whether you like it or not. I will never do business with ALLY.

Ralph Wasson Wrote:

These are the best adfs {POSSIBLE.They are witty and sharp.The kids involved are not only being paid thay are learning a life lesson ,You humorless sticks in the mud who oppose this I find strange.Most people I know love these ads and do not think less of the bompany but more.PLEASE ALLY DONT TAKE THEM OFF.MAKE MORE>

Ralph Wasson Wrote:

you are a freakin control freak.Kis will learn from this period.Make more ALLY

Ralph Wasson Wrote:

Finally a voice of sanity.My kids really pay attention to it.

Ralph Wasson Wrote:

whats wrong with Kate plus 8.My grandmother had 9 kids and my Dad was one and you are probably a one childer but I think your ALLY comment is right on

Ralph Wasson Wrote:

i agree some people are so dumb like the folks who yelled at JR for his Role on Dallas

Ralph Wasson Wrote:

so you are never going to DESAL with ALLY.what a shame.

Tim Steele Wrote:

Your continued exploitation of children is dreadful. You should be ashamed of yourselves. I will never consider your company for my ninsurance needs. It borders on criminal.

T Steele

Joe Simone Wrote:

I think your TV commercials are assine.

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