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Sunday Feb 26, 2017

Blogger Choice Award Nomination Plus New Features to

16 September 2009

Blogger Choice Award Logo Blogger Choice Award Nomination Plus New Features to

What a crazy few months we have had. We have finalized our newest of many new additions to This week we will be launching the job board’s component of the site. We are anticipating Friday, we will officially launch it.

We are also developing a few other components to the website. One such component will help shrink your credit card bills! Currently developing it…. Hoping to have it launched before the new year.

On another note has been nominated in several categories in the Blogger Choice Awards. has been nominated in the following categories (link attached to them):

Best Business Blog

Best Podcast Blog

Best Design Blog

Best Political Blog

We’d appreciate all the votes we can get from our loyal readership. We receive countless emails promoting the site and also countless emails asking for advice. Please vote and help get recognized as the premiere destination for Canadian banking information.

If you have any suggestions for future development of the website email me at or simply drop a comment below.

UPDATE: has officially launched a jobs board for the financial community. Click here to visit the jobs board.

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