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Thursday Feb 23, 2017

The Importance of having an Accredited Mortgage Professional On Your Side

15 September 2009

Getting a mortgage 150x150 The Importance of having an Accredited Mortgage Professional On Your SideUnderstanding a mortgage is only half the battle when purchasing a home. Not only do you, the client, have to spend countless hours fumbling with and scrutinizing every detail in a mortgage – but all the associated costs can leave home buyers with a big headache. Accredited Mortgage Professionals can help take some of the pain away.

An accredited mortgage professional will search for the best lender and loan to suit your situation and needs, because every case is unique. Accredited Mortgage Professionals adhere to strict guidelines and follow a very rigid Code of Ethics, set forth by the Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals. Having an AMP on your side will help you throughout all the hard decisions, and will be able to give you sound advice. Those mortgage agents who are designated as AMP have gone through countless hours doing coursework as well as examinations to attain an Accredited Mortgage Professional status.

Accredited Mortgage Professionals also take courses every year in order to carry forward their designation. This means they are updated each year with new studies that reflect any changes in the mortgage industry and as well the real estate market.

The AMP was created by the Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals in 2004; to help increase the standard of work performed by these mortgage agents.  The difference between a mortgage broker and an Accredited Mortgage Professional is that, although both received licenses from the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO), an AMP has gone a step above to earn that three letter designation that is associated with credibility and high professionalism.

An AMP will help a client in need of a mortgage through every process, ensuring that nothing is overlooked and every detail is how it should be. Initially, a mortgage may look intimidating; there is a vast amount of jargon within the conditions of a mortgage commitment that most home buyers, are intimidated by. An AMP understands the ins and outs of each mortgage and can simplify make it more understandable to you, the client.

Without an AMP, shopping around for mortgages is timely and costly – and can sometimes be dangerous if the greatest detail has not been put into looking through a mortgage. Skip the headache, and choose a mortgage agent that is credible and professional – an AMP.

In order to check if the mortgage agent you are trusting with your home financing has this designation you can visit this website by clicking here and search by the name of that individual.

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