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Thursday Feb 23, 2017

Earning Rewards with Two RBC Banking Accounts

1 June 2009

rbc financial 150x150 Earning Rewards with Two RBC Banking AccountsI recently wrote about the benefits and rewards you can earn when you switch your banking over to Royal Bank of Canada (RBC). You are able to earn a total of 81,500 reward points which can be used towards travel, merchandise and other brand name items (for the article, Click Here).Now the two accounts in this RBC Rewards program that can earn the most points are the RBC Signature No Limit Banking account and the RBC VIP Banking account.

The RBC Signature No Limit Banking account is a bank account which offers more than just unlimited banking transactions. Depending on your banking needs, you could save up to $412 a year. With this account you will have 3 non-RBC ATMs refunded per month, free personalized cheques, overdraft protection and more. As a bonus you will receive a $35 rebate on the annual fee on any eligible RBC Visa credit card. You have a monthly fee of #13.95 after a MultiProduct Rebate of $9.95. By switching to this account you will receive 10,000 RBC reward points which is only 5,000 short of a short haul flight.

RBC VIP Banking is an all inclusive package that offers more benefits, more rewards and over $956 in savings a year. With this account you have unlimited banking transactions with Interac and PLUS System network fees waived, free RBC Royal Bank Premium Visa credit card for the applicant and co-applicant – a value of $170 annually. You have the choice of up to two additional Canadian dollar bank accounts and one U.S. dollar bank account with the fees waived; overdraft protection and exclusive travel benefits and more. The monthly fee is $30.00 after a MultiProduct Rebate of $22.50. The reward points earned by switching to this account are 15,000 which is enough for a short-haul flight or other great rewards.

With these two account options you are able to earn the rewards you deserve while switching to a bank with gives you great customer service and benefits to match. Consider this option the next time you have a bad experience at your bank.

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