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Monday Jan 23, 2017

Switch to RBC and Earn Great Rewards

30 May 2009

logo rbc 150x150 Switch to RBC and Earn Great RewardsThe Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) is making an offer for people who do not bank with RBC an offer in which they should consider. When you bank with RBC you have banking made easy for you and customer service for RBC Direct Investing that is rated number 1 throughout Canada for two consecutive years. However that is not what I will be touching on today; rather it will be what you can gain from switching to RBC.By switching to RBC you will be able to earn a total of 81,500 reward points which can be redeemed to travel, merchandise, a night out – pretty much whatever you can think of that is offered at the RBC Rewards program.

You start earning rewards by choosing one of the three Personal Banking Accounts:
• RBC Signature No Limit Banking Account – 10,000
• RBC VIP Banking Account – 15,000
• RBC No Limit Banking for Students Account – 5,000

Then you add any of the 5 options:
• RBC Business Essentials Fixed Fee account – 10,000
• RBC Business Essentials Variable Pricing account – 5,000
• CustomSwitch (applicable to personal or business accounts) – 5,000
• RBC High Interest eSavings account – 1,500
• Refer 3 Friends – 15,000

Lastly you can earn more points with an RBC Visa Credit Card
• RBC Visa Infinite Avion card – 15,000
• RBC Visa Business Avion card – 15,000
• Annual Rewards Bonus (applicable on both Visa credit cards) – 2,500

By doing any of these options you will be able to earn enough rewards to redeem just about anything in the RBC Rewards program. Don’t waste time, take a look at what is being offered and apply for them today.

UPDATE: this deal is old, please refer to deals section for new deals.

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Comments (4 )

Pete Wrote:

In which study is RBC customer service ranked as #1 as stated in this article?

Sensei Wrote:

The media release for RBCs customer service for RBC Direct Service for 2008 and 2007 is found below..

2008 –
2007 –

Pete Wrote:

Sorry, I misread. Since this was an article about switching your day to day banking to RBC, I thought the customer service notation was with regard to that. That’s why I was so shocked, because RBC customer service is generally agreed to be among, if not THE absolute worst of all the major banks.

Bank Guru Wrote:

Don’t say sorry we promote ‘debate’. I would have to agree with you on the RBC Customer Service comment being one of the worst. Though, I have been doing some research for an article I hope to finish soon and have realized a lot of the banks have TERRIBLE customer service.

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