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Sunday Feb 26, 2017

The Ultimate List of Personal Finance Bloggers on Twitter

15 May 2009

When I started blogging a couple of months ago, I started doing a lot of reading as well. I started subscribing to all manner of personal finance blogs, looking for ways to network and connect with other writers. One of the best ways I’ve found to connect with other bloggers is through Twitter.

Twitter Logo The Ultimate List of Personal Finance Bloggers on Twitter

For the unititated, Twitter describes itself as:

Twitter is a service for friends, family, and co–workers to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question: What are you doing?

Of course, Twitter, since its launch, has become so much more than mere status updates. Twitter is an ongoing, multi-threaded conversation. It is the online networking tool of choice for many people who find their employment online. If you don’t “get” Twitter, try it. If you’ve tried it and still don’t “get” it – follow more people. If you’re following lots of people but can’t understand anything, get TweetDeck. Twitter only made sense for me once I got TweetDeck and created “groups” to follow.

I’m following a lot of personal finance twitter users out there, but I know I am not following all of them. If you’d like to be added to the list, just contact me or post a comment below, and I’d be happy to add you – to my twitter and the list! Also, I know I’ve made mistakes, and probably inappropriately labeled some of you (so sorry!), so please just let me know and I will change it as soon as I can.

Here is the Ultimate Personal Finance Twitter List.

Top 10 Must Follow (ranked for usage, quality of links, and because they follow me)

@barginr – Jim from Bargaineering

@fcn / @fcnfeed – Nickle from Five Cent Nickle

@flexo – Flexo from Consumerism Commentary

@ManVsDebt – Baker from Man Vs Debt

@MattJabs – Matt from Debt Free Adventure


@moolanomy – Pinyo from Moolanomy

@MoneyMatters – Pete from Bible Money Matters

@nodebtplan – Kevin from No Debt Plan

@The_Weakonomist – Philip from Weakonomist

College & Young Adult Finances

@alanschram – Alan from Saving For Serenity

@doctor_s – Sid from Finance Your Life

@GE_Miller – G.E. Miller from 20somethingfinance

@Green_Panda – Green Panda from Green Panda Treehouse

@stephonee – Stephanie from Poorer Than You

@WrenCTired of Being Poor

General Personal Finance

@AmandaSteinberg – Amanda from DailyWorth

@bluntmoneyblog – Blunt Money

@bripblap – Steve from Brip Blap

@budgetnerd – Nathon from Household Budget Nerd

@BudgetsAreSexy – J. Money from Budgets are Sexy

@CandianFinance – Tom from The Canadian Finance Blog

@colourful_money – Bullseye and PlusEV from Colourful Money

@debtfreeDebt Free Hispanic

@debthaterDebt Hater

@heyagainlando – Matt from Finacial Methods

@NCN – NCN of No Credit Needed

@fiscalgeek – Paul from Fiscal Geek

@FMFblog – FMF from Free Money Finance

@freefrombrokeFree From Broke

@FourPillarsFour Pillars

@jdroth – JD Roth from Get Rich Slowly

@JoeTaxpayerBlog – Joe from JoeTaxpayer

@JeremyVoh / @marubozo – Jeremy from Gen X Finance

@jrs87schInvestor Pit Stop

@jnickles – Jeff from My Supercharged Life

@jorgeIM – Jorge from Independent Minded

@Kablog – Kara from The Star Tribune’s Kablog

@KyleAAA – Kyle from Amateur Assest Allocator

@LenPenzoLen Penzo

@mainstrMain Street

@mapgirlsfc – Mapgirl’s Fiscal Challenge

@MMarquitYielding Wealth

@moneybeagleMoney Beagle

@MoneyNing – David from MoneyNing

@MoneyRelation – Adam from Your Money Relationship

@moneywatchMoney Watch

@myfindependence – mfd from My Findependence Day

@mymoneyshrugged – Atlas Shrugged from My Money Shrugged

@MyLifeROI – My Life ROI

@MyMoneyMinute – Jason from My Money Minute

@ontheroadto1m – Kelly from On the road to $1M

@PFIncomePassive Family Income

@QuizzleQuizzle Blog

@ramit – Ramit from I Will Teach You To Be Rich

@shiawaseThe Online Investing AI Blog

@SmartyPig – Collective from Smarty Pig

@SpendingItSpending It

@SuburbanDollar – Kyle from Suburban Dollar

@taxrascalTax Rascal

@ThatOneCavemanThat One Caveman

@TheHappyRock – Frank & John from The Happy Rock

@TheLeanTimes – Viviana from The Lean Times

@walletpopper – Beth from WalletPop

@wisebread – Collective from Wise Bread

Debt Reduction

@GetOutOfDebtGuyHow to Get Out of Debt

@GoliathDebt – David from Goliath Debt

@paidtwice – paidtwice from I’ve Paid For This Twice Already

@ptmoney – Phil from Prime Time Money

@punchdebt – Debt Ninja from Punch Debt in the Face

Finances & Life

@brokeinthecityFabulously Broke

@cleverdude – Mike from Clever Dude

@centsiblelife – Kelly from The Centsible Life

@Finc_Confluence – Scott from The Confluence of our Finances

@krystalatwork – Krystal from Give Me Back My Five Bucks

@remodelthislife – Emily from Remodeling This Life


@beatingbrokeBeating Broke

@EADFLEngineer A Debt Free Life

@FrugalDad – Jason at Frugal Dad

@frugalforlife – Dawn at Frugal For Life

@FrugalTrader – FrugalTrader from Million Dollar Journey

@MilkYourMoney – Ben & Frank from Milk Your Money

@Miss_Thrifty – Miss Thrifty from Miss Thrifty

@ncheapskateNorthern Cheapskate

@sensetosave – Kacie from Sense to Save


@trenttsd / @thesimpledollar – Trent from The Simple Dollar


@CCapitalistCanadian Capitalist

@hand_MiB – Hank from My Investing Blog

@jeffrosecfp – Jeff from Good Financial Cents

@MoneyEnergyGet Money Energy


@ObliviousInvest – Mike from The Oblivious Investor

@SunFinancialThe Sun Financial Diary

@ThePassiveDad – Scott from The Passive Dad

Christian Personal Finance

@ChristianDebt – Out of Debt Christian

@ChristianPF – Bob from Christian Personal Finance

@glblguyGather Little by Little


@pfblogs_pop – Personal Finance Blog Aggregator

@tipd – Personal Finance Article Aggregator

If you want to be added to the list, contact me or add a comment below. If I’ve made any mistakes (wrong name, bad link, inappropriate category) please just let me know.

About the Author

Bank Guru

My real name is Banking “Guru” Smith, yes my parents were bankers and believed that I one day would become a famous banker just like them. I enjoy a double-double coffee, super long lines at the grocery store and annoying CSR’s (Customer Service Representatives or more commonly known as ‘Tellers’). You will usually find me working behind the scenes, I let Sensei generate all the attention. I also forgot to mention that I invested in Madoff, think I will ever get my money back?

Comments (70 )

Nathon Wrote:

I’m in!

@BudgetNerd from

@jrs87sch I own for stock investing etc. Great list though. Keep it up.

Pinyo Wrote:

Thank you for including me as one of the top 10 in your list.

WrenC Wrote:

My blog/twitter falls under College and Young Adult Finances & Frugality.


WrenC Wrote:


My blog/twitter falls under College and Young Adult Finances & Frugality.


MoneyEnergy Wrote:

Whew! Glad to see I’m on the list – thanks for putting me in the investing category, which is basically what got me into PF blogging in the first place!:)


Finances & Life @

Excellent list, I’m still fairly new to twitter (@ObliviousInvest), so my following is small, but I’m quite enjoying it. It’s a fun, informal way to connect with other bloggers. :)

Matt Jabs Wrote:

Alan, I am humbled & honored to be in your Top 10.Thank you.

krystalatwork Wrote:

@krystalatwork :)

Steve Rhode Wrote:


Now I’m taking it personally. Why no @GetOutOfDebtGuy?



Taxrascal Wrote:

Me, too! @taxrascal: I write mostly about taxes, but also about personal finance and saving money.

Money Beagle Wrote:

Just joining in the Twitter bandwagon and would love to be included as a Personal Finance addition.



No Debt Plan Wrote:

Oh snap, I feel famous! :D

Miranda Wrote:

I’d like to be considered as a personal finance blogger: @MMarquit

J. Money Wrote:

SEXCELLENT IDEA!!!! Love it. Put me down as well if ya like::

@BudgetsAreSexy – J. Money from Budgets Are Sexy (probably best in the Young Adult section or General PF)

@mymoneyshrugged – Atlas Shrugged meets personal finance’s – Holding a budget in punishment for waging war against debt

Debt Hater Wrote:

@debthaterI was in debt, but I paid it all off last summer! Now I’m learning to save and plan for my fabulous future. Thanks!

Beating Broke Wrote:

@beatingbroke from Debt reduction and frugality blogging.

Ben Wrote:

Here are some others that I follow:


and of course, my favorite :)


Kelly Wrote:

Thanks for including me! I’m following you too now. :) I’ll have to see if I’m following everyone on your list!

Monevator Wrote:

Hi, could you please add @monevator under Investing?

Thanks so much, and for a useful list! :)

Stephanie PTY Wrote:

Aw, I’m debt reduction instead of college? Oh well, classify me as you like! ;) We all fit into two or more categories, I suppose. Also, I think it’s cute you listed my name as "Stephonee." I’m just glad that’s not my legal name…!

mapgirl Wrote:

Great list! Please add me. :-) @mapgirlsfc – General @DebtHater, @sistah_ant, DINKs, @budgetsaresexy, @moneymonk, @lynnae are all great ones you could add too.

Doctor S Wrote:

Hey heres another one for the college young adult section….


Jorge Wrote:

Add me to your list as well! I’m probably the best fit under "general personal finance" and my twitter name is @JorgeIM. I just redesigned my site as well if you want to check it out.

Thanks – Jorge

mfd Wrote:

thanks for the mention Alan

David Wrote:

Thanks for the mention!!

Matt Goulart Wrote:

Wow. Thanks for all the response, everyone. I believe I went through and added everyone who asked to be added. Again, if I’ve missed someone, bad link, or anything, just let me know and I’ll do my best to fix it.

Thanks for the help!

bluntmoney Wrote:

Could you add me? @bluntmoneyblog

Thanks for the comprehensive list and thanks for giving us a mention!


Thanks for putting me on your list – I’m honored to be included with such good company!

Brian Wrote:

I just started my Twitter aact. @NewCreditHope and your list was VERY helpful. I’ve been trying to find finance related people to follow but then most of them are just bots or spammers posting tweets every few seconds. I appreciate you listing respectable people to follow. I have followed them all – except @WrenC is no longer there BTW.

Hi! I write about PF as well as entrepreneurship and investing. I’m @ericabiz on Twitter. Thanks!

pfincome Wrote:

Would you mind adding @pfincome to your list of general personal finance bloggers?

Kyle Wrote:

I twitter at @KyleAAA although I don’t get around to posting nearly as much as I should. Only 24 hours in the day, you know.

Matt Goulart Wrote:

Great, thanks again!

I updated everyone that asked.

Rob Lewis Wrote:

I’d be obliged if you could include me in your great list!


frugalforlife Wrote:

I also run a Frugality blog you can tweet me @frugalforlife

Matt Goulart Wrote:

Added you two. Thanks for stopping by!

FiscalGeek Wrote:

Great list thanks could you add @fiscalgeek from probably under your top 10…hehe or General Finance

Len Penzo Wrote:

Don’t forget me! Thanks!

Put me in the Top 10 Must Follow list. Just kidding! ;-)

General Personal Finance:


Ann-Marie Wrote:


We’ve been on Twitter for more than a year and cover all things home, money, credit and life! (With a healthy dose of shenanigans.)

Matt Goulart Wrote:

Again, all updated! Glad this has helped you all out.

Beth Wrote:

Thanks! This is a great list!

Other pf tweets I follow are:


Larry Wrote:

Thanks for considering us under Christian Finance:

Christian Debt

Out of Debt Christian

Kelly Wrote:

Would you consider adding me to the list – @ontheroadto1m? Thank you!

Viviana Wrote:

Please add me! @theleantimes

Kara mcGuire Wrote:

How about @kablog? Written by personal finance columnist for the Minneapolis Star Tribune. Thanks!

Matt Goulart Wrote:


Diane Wrote:

I love following Kristen Please add her to your list. She’s "cheerfully living on less".Also, how can it be that The Simple Dollar is at the bottom of your long, long list? Trent rocks!

Matt Goulart Wrote:

When I wrote this article, Trent was just getting into the use of Twitter. If I re-wrote it, he would definitely be in contention for the top 10.

Stephanie Wrote:


Feel free to add me to your pf bloggers on twitter list! I’m @stephtheblogger. You can probably file me under the young adult list, or the general pf bloggers list.


Carz Wrote:

Follow me! I’ve got great tips on finance and making money out of social media marketing. It’s @wannabeseymour. Thank you again. Also, you might also want to take interest of this forum I’m developing. It’s Thanks again.

twitter helps a lot to many businesses.

chessiq Wrote:

What did I learn from the great response you got? BE OF SERVICE TO OTHERS (clients, readers, partners, etc). If you do a nice job of it, the fruits will definitely follow. Keep up the good work!

RateNerd Wrote:

I would be honored to be on your list – @rate_nerd Thanks!

Thanks for sharing such great list, it will surely help me a lot. Ya i also want to ask that can u add me?

Alan Gill Wrote:

I’d appreciate if you could add the following to General Personal Finance:

@moneyexperts – The Money Dashboard Blog


it’s good for finance.but i think some worm is their because of not too long ago, I started bookmarking Twitter-related stuffs as I came across them. Then the “big Twitter wave” hit, and I’ve been adding 3-4 listings per day over the last couple of weeks. I figured it was about time to share everything I’ve come up with so far.
Finance Dollar

Susan Wrote:

Hi Matt,

Please consider the following finance blog. It is comparatively a new blog but it has a lot of great content on debt consolidation, debt settlement, credit counseling and money management programs.

Twitter Username: Veselin2222



cebu Seo Wrote:

what an inspiring blog.. i like this one.. keep it up:)

Samantha2010 Wrote:

Here the ultimate personal finance may come natural, for many the idea of balancing their monthly equity income against their financial responsibilities can be a daunting task. Some find it hard to set money aside that is needed for electrical bills, water bills, insurance and end up unable to pay some of their necessities when they come due.

Hi, Would appreciate you considering me for your PF Twitter list – @upsideofmoney. I am active on Twitter (2K+ followers) and always willing to chat about investing, saving and finances in general. Thanks!

mike jones Wrote:

now with stocks the only sure way to make money is investing in gold and other precious metals like silver. I dumped all my stocks so that I may make money off of gold. I hope to be rich soon. The precious metal market is looking good. The dollar keeps declining. Great work on your post.

John Wrote:

I have not emailed or Tweeted many of these people, but I have emailed Pinyo from Moolanomy. I sent him an email around midnight and got a response about 10 minutes later, so he is my top choice. We sent a few emails back and forth till 2 am. I then saw some comments he made on Man Vs Debt at 7 am that morning.

I was wondering do these people ever sleep or are they having some else reply.

Other favorites:

@CCapitalist – Canadian Capitalist
@FMFblog – FMF from Free Money Finance
@ManVsDebt – Baker from Man Vs Debt

Ron Power Wrote:

Thanks for the list, I have been looking for a list like this.

Sensei Wrote:

Don’t mention it! Thank you for stopping by.

john Wrote:

wow, thank you for this list, keep it up

John Foreclosure

john Wrote:

thanks for this information…


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