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Thursday Feb 23, 2017

Air Miles for Beginners

4 May 2009

amlogo 150x150 Air Miles for Beginners So a lot of people collect Air Miles but only know that it is a reward based program. Generally speaking it would be for every $20 you spend you get 1 Air Mile. In certain cases, when you buy from a sponsored store, you get more Air Miles for your dollar.H ere is a little background information, the Air Miles Reward Program is a loyalty programs or frequent flyer program. It is a program in Canada, United Kingdom, Spain, the Netherlands, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar.

In Canada it is the largest loyalty program – you can earn Air Miles at over 100 participated sponsor companies.

You Air Miles can be redeemed for rewards such as travel, entertainment and merchandise rewards.

In Canada there are two ways to collect Air Miles. One of which is the American Express (AMEX) Bank of Canada and the other is the Bank of Montreal (BMO). I recently wrote about the Gold option at BMO where you are able to get 1 Air Mile for every $15 you spend compared to the starting rate of $20 for every Air Mile.

Airlines which participate for redeeming reward miles include, WestJet, Air Canada, Northwest Airlines, American Airlines and several other airlines.

I decided to spend my reward miles on a gift for myself. My iPod recently broke one me and left without music to listen to at the gym I decided to purchase the Apple iPod nano 8GB. It is great I got it for 1,800 reward miles which is pretty much all the miles I have – it had been accumulating for at least 2 – 3 years. Sad to see it go when I realize how much I actually spent to get the nano but let us not get into that.

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