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Thursday Feb 23, 2017

Gold Air Miles Reward Option

2 May 2009

gold card am chip 150 Gold Air Miles Reward OptionAs I was checking out my Air Miles Reward option on my Bank of Montreal (BMO) Mosaik MasterCard and saw that I was making 1 Air Mile for every $20 I spend. I decided to take another look at what BMO offers and try to get more Air Miles for my buck. I came across the Gold Air Miles reward option and decided to upgrade.The Gold Air Miles reward option gives you 1 Air Miles for every $15 you spend – well it is $5 less but still makes a difference. You earned 150 Bonus reward miles with your first purchase; that is always great to have.

An added bonus Is that each month when you spend $2,000 you earn 150 bonus Air Miles for the first 3 months. As usual you earn double the rewards at any Shell locations in Canada.

There is an exclusive 20% discount on all Air Miles flights worldwide.

Ok so there is an annual fee of $90 and with an interest rate of 19.5% interest rate on all transactions.

After upgrading this card I finally feel I am getting more for my buck; well a little more. This option is great for those who bank with BMO and collect Air Miles. Well with the way I spend getting that 60″ Plasma might not be too far away.

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