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Thursday Feb 23, 2017

Retirement Calculator

7 April 2009

retirement 150x150 Retirement CalculatorRetirement is pretty important. You work you whole adult life, stressed to the max and constantly put to the breaking point. Well maybe not that extreme but lets face it, when you retire you don’t want to continue working? The Canadian Government came out with a unique tool to help people plan for retirement. We all know that we cannot live off the Canadian Pension Plan; they give you literally nothing for you to continue your lifestyle or improve that lifestyle.

The calculator takes into consideration a HUGE amount of variables and you do need to add in a lot of information. It is probably the most complex and precise retirement calculator I have found out there. They do ask you personal questions and you actually need a pretty decent computer to run the calculator. Have a computer that is over 12 years old? Don’t think your going to be able to run this calculator.
Want to try out the Canadian Retirement Income Calculator? Click Here

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