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Thursday Feb 23, 2017

So It Begins

3 March 2009

I’ve begun to write content for They are a paid to write website, where they host various articles for all sorts of writers. The basic idea is based on ad revenue, where the host gets paid for advertising, and distributes it to the content providers (freelance writers) based on page views.

So my understanding is that the more (and better) articles that you write and publish on AC (Associated Content), the more income you will earn. It is not much. You need 1000 page views before they will pay you $1.50 (US), and that can take quite some time. However, it also becomes a passive income. Other pay to write sites (including AC if you’re American) will pay you upfront for an article. Anywhere from $.50 to $4, depending on the article and the site. However, once you are paid, you’re done. The website then gets all additional revenue from your article, regardless of how well (or how poorly) of an article you’ve written.

It’s my intention, therefore, to write for AC a little bit each day. I might not publish an article everyday, but I’d like to work towards putting up 2 or 3 good articles each week. Hopefully over the next couple of years I’ll make a bit of a name for myself, and when people start looking through other articles that I’ve written, I’ll continue to get passive income on the articles that I’m writing today.

It is also my intention to start blogging about this aspect of my life, as well as some other topics about my life that I’m planning on starting or continuing. I’m hoping to write a little bit about what’s been interesting me and keeping me busy. Personal finance, wedding planning, and life efficency stuff. Should be good!

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mlgreen8753 Wrote:

Advertising revenue is a big business. Google caught on to the idea before most of the world.

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